Do I Need a Pool Fence in PA?

Blog » Safety » Do I Need a Pool Fence in PA?

Do I Need a Pool Fence in PA?
Blog » Safety » Do I Need a Pool Fence in PA?

Do I Need a Pool Fence in PA?

Despite all it’s charms, pool ownership can make you feel like you’re swimming in responsibilities and knee-deep in rule books. Whether you’ve already built the pool of your dreams or you’re just about to get started, we’ve put together a guide to Pennsylvania pool fence laws and expert advice to help all local pool owners feel a little less overwhelmed. If you’re wondering “do I need a pool fence in PA?” you absolutely do for the vast majority of pool types.

Keep reading to learn the answers to other questions like “do I put up the fence or the pool first?” — and to get specific information about the types of pool fences on the market.

White vinyl pool fence permitted by PA state law


Pennsylvania Pool Fence Laws

You may not be surprised to know that an inground pool-fence is a non-negotiable legal requirement enforced by Pennsylvania government. In fact, many states, including our own, necessitate pool fence laws known as the BOCA Pool Code. Without getting too much into the size, style, and other specifications, just know that if you’re wondering, “Do I need a pool fence?”, the answer is yes – you sure do! The only exception to the Pennsylvania pool fence law is if you have an above-ground pool with sides taller than 4 feet.

The Pennsylvania pool fence law is in place for good reason. Not only is it created to keep your friends and family safe, but also to make sure wildlife and animals stay safe, too.


Pool Fence Styles & Pricing

The bad news: you need a fence surrounding your pool. The good news: with Freedom Fence & Railing, your pool fence options can be gorgeous!

When it comes to the ultimate pool fence designs, you’ve got quite a few to choose from. However, after decades of experience in this field, our experts have seen it all and know what works best (and what doesn’t) when trying to respect BOCA Pool Code. Here are a few of the low-maintenance, high-style fencing options that are sure to pass the Pennsylvania pool fence laws:

  • Aluminum Pool Fence– Maintenance free style and modern, luxury living aluminum fencing is the upscale and beautiful way to protect your pool area. You can expect to pay anywhere from $26 to $40 per linear foot of aluminum fencing.
  • Vinyl Pool Fence– The classic white picket fence makes for a great backyard protector too! This requires slightly more maintenance than aluminum but is still a minimal time investment. Vinyl pool fences can cost anywhere from $24 to $58, depending on the style and color.
  • Privacy Pool Fence– Whether it means vinyl, wood, or a hybrid of both materials, a privacy fence is a standard pool fence option. Pricing for this type of pool fences varies depending on the material you choose.


When Is the Best Time to Install a Pool Fence?

We get A LOT of questions here at Freedom Fence, but one that’s very popular is a question as old as time, “Do I put up the fence or the pool first?”. The order of events in which you install your pool and its fence is particularly important if you’re not looking to spend unnecessary cash during your project.

In almost every instance, it makes the most sense to install the pool BEFORE installing the pool fence. This will make it easier for the pool construction team and excavation professionals to build your pool without worrying about damaging the fence! If the fence were to be installed before the pool, it would most likely get in the way and parts of it may need to be removed and then re-installed in order to accommodate their machinery.

For those reasons alone, we always recommend scheduling your pool fence installation to be completed AFTER the pool itself is finalized. With that in mind, it’s extra important to be mindful of your fence installers lead times – so plan far ahead when scheduling installation.


Installing a PA Pool Fence with Freedom Fence

White vinyl privacy pool fence up to code

At Freedom Fence, we’re a fence installation team in Pennsylvania serving the Pittsburg area. While we want to help everyone in need of a great pool fence, we ask you please keep in mind to schedule your appointment several weeks in advance!

From clean white vinyl fencing to a state-of-the-art aluminum masterpiece, we’ve got all the fence styles that will keep your backyard looking great while also abiding by the Pennsylvania pool fence law. Reach out to our team today to get a complimentary in-home estimate! We can’t wait to work with you.

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