Chainlink Fence

Chain Link Fence Installers Serving Residential Customers in Pittsburgh, PA

Practically synonymous with safety and protection, a chain link fence is one of the very best options if security is all you need. At Freedom Fence & Railing, we are skilled chain link fence installers with experience serving homeowners in Pittsburgh, PA.

As is the case with all of the fencing products we offer, Freedom Fence & Railing provides high-quality, powder-coated chain link fence panels and gates. In addition, our selection includes a greater variety of fence styles, colors, and added security measures.

Learn more about the numerous practical advantages of chain link fencing that has made it a staple for homeowners. We stand out among chain link fence installers due to our precise installation and custom options. If you know a chain link fence is what you need, contact us today for a conversation about your residential fence installation – and to get your free quote.

Chainlink Fence Styles

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Benefits of Chain Link Privacy Fencing

While chain link privacy fences and gates may not have the allure of the more luxury-type fences like aluminum, wood and vinyl fencing, they do boast numerous benefits that make them prudent and popular choices.

First of all, chain link fencing is far less expensive than other materials. These cost savings are one of the reasons that homeowners often employ chain link fences for their needs. In addition, that budget-friendly price tag makes it popular with some homeowners, particularly for use on the unseen backyard. Plus, their flexible nature means they can adapt well to uneven elevations, saving serious money on your fence installation.

Another undeniable benefit of this material is that it tends to be incredibly durable. Our chain link fence installers only use ultra-durable, powder-coated chain link that possesses the ability to stand up to the elements without requiring much maintenance. This benefit puts it in the same class as maintenance-free aluminum fences.

As far as security is concerned, chain link privacy fences are second-to-none. These tall fences deter possible intrusion. In addition, the woven construction of these fences makes them difficult to scale or climb. For maximum security, Freedom Fence & Railing can even equip the chain link privacy fence panels we install with barbed wire for additional height and security.  Finally, these fences are pool code compliant, making them an option for backyard pools.

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    Chain Link Fence Panel Options

    Chain Link Fence Panel Options to Fit Your Specific Needs

    While chain link fence installation is a choice that favors practicality rather than style, homeowners do have some room to customize their selection. The powder coating that provides durability to our fences also makes a variety of color options available.

    While the typical chain link fence style does little to obstruct vision, with Freedom Fence you can customize your chain link fence panel options to include a variety of privacy styles. This is an important option for security-minded homeowners.

    Finally, for added convenience at home, these fences can be installed with options for a chain link gate for cars or foot traffic to pass through.

    The Residential Chain Link Fence Company in Pittsburgh, PA That You Can Trust

    While you may think most chain link fence installers are the same, you should work with one that uses high-quality, powder-coated chain link fences. Even if you are choosing chain link to save money, it is worth it to opt for a long-lasting, maintenance-free material. You’ll still save on the chain-link fence panel installation – and you’ll have the fence for years to come without issue.

    Whether you are still deciding on the fence material you want, you need a quote, or you’re ready to schedule your residential chain link fence installation in Pittsburgh, PA, contact us today.