Outdoor Railings for Steps, Decks & More

The right outdoor railing keeps you safe while you enjoy your favorite spaces — all while subtly enhancing whatever design in which they’re used. Railing systems are a crucial component of stairways, porches, decks, and more. Freedom Fence & Railing stands out among outdoor railing companies by offering expert installation on deluxe systems, including popular aluminum and vinyl options.

As a building code requirement, railings are meant to stop someone in the event of a fall. Not only do the outdoor railings we install provide much-needed safety for you and your guests, but they also enhance your outdoor décor. A once overlooked style element, homeowners and designers are quickly coming to appreciate the aesthetic potential of a unified decor anchored by a porch or deck railing.

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A Wide Variety of Outdoor Handrail Installation Options

Since strength is one of the most important characteristics for any outdoor railing installation, our railing choices all epitomize that. When you work with Freedom Fence & Railing for your deck, porch, or balcony, you can’t go wrong.

Check out our selection of railing system materials:

Aluminum & Vinyl Railing Installers in Pittsburgh, PA

Aluminum and vinyl outdoor handrail systems will both provide you with a lifetime of secure use. Both outdoor railing materials are immune to the rot and mold that could undermine the quality of other systems. While both materials will last for decades, vinyl will require slightly more cleaning over the years. The nature of the material and the lighter color choices of vinyl cause it to show dirt more than the darker aluminum railing. However, keeping your vinyl railing clean is a fairly easy part of your annual spring cleaning.

The main reason that homeowners choose vinyl over aluminum for their outdoor handrails comes down to the style. Vinyl railings possess a clean look that matches just about any outdoor décor and home siding color. While black aluminum is one of the statement colors for railings, aluminum products are actually available in a broad spectrum of colors including bronze, gold, hunter green, khaki, and more.

If you’re still trying to decide on the best outdoor handrail for your project, we recommend having a conversation with one of our outdoor railing installers or visiting our store to see the products in person.

outdoor vinyl railing for a deck

Why Homeowners Trust Our Railing Experts

At Freedom Fence & Railing, we distinguish ourselves through our spot-on designs, our selection of luxury materials, and our superior outdoor handrail installation experts. We provide quick yet accurate installation to ensure minimum disruption to your life and your outdoor space. In addition, our clean and courteous outdoor railing installers treat your property with respect the entire time they are on-site.

You’ll count on your outdoor railing installation to provide the safety you can count on whenever you use the stairs, the balcony, or your porch or deck. Expert railing installation is the first step to guarantee that you trust and appreciate your outdoor handrail systems for decades to come.

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Whether you plan on having a sleek aluminum railing accompany the stairway leading up to your home, or you want to pair your deck with a clean, classic vinyl railing system, we’re the team to help. Freedom Fencing & Railing is the railing company to trust in the Pittsburgh, PA area and beyond.

We stand out through our superior products, our careful eye for design, and the way we treat everyone we meet. Get first-hand experience with all of the things that make us so much more than the average railing installer.

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