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For some people, there is nothing better than the classics. While new materials and styles of fencing are gaining popularity, for some homeowners, a wood fence is the only real choice. At Freedom Fence & Railing, we install a variety of wooden backyard fences, including highly-effective wood privacy fences. Wood presents a unique stylistic opportunity as it is a natural product with gorgeous natural character. In addition, wood fencing is a more budget-friendly alternative to both vinyl and aluminum fences which can make a crucial difference for some homeowners.

As wood fence installers, we are one of the companies who still specialize in building sturdy and durable wooden backyard fencing products. Learn more about the variety of wood options on the market and the home aesthetics that they enhance. Plus, start the conversation today to schedule a free consultation and receive your wood fence installation quote.

Wood Fence Styles

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Classic Styles for Your Home: Wooden Privacy Fences and More!

Wooden fences have a long history in American outdoor design and security. For hundreds of years, wooden split rail fences were the primary type of fences built for homes up and down the country. In addition, white picket fences were synonymous with the clean suburban curb appeal of the past. Because of its long history, wood is still a leading material for fencing, invoking a rustic style, feelings of nostalgia, or both.

Freedom Fence & Railing still performs wooden fence installation services around Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding areas. The main types of fences we build are wooden split rail fences, picket fences, and wood privacy fences.

Split rail fences feature vertical posts connected with horizontal rails that have space between them. (Hence the name “split rail”.) This rustic-looking fence matches well with both log cabin style homes and contemporary style suburban homes.

Picket fences are another popular style of wood yard fences that homeowners still design around today. This common style of fencing has a clean style similar to vinyl and often comes in white or with a stained wood.

Wooden privacy fences offer the seclusion and security equivalent to a vinyl privacy fence but paired with a rustic appearance. These wooden backyard fences feature full, obscuring panels that are tall enough to completely block the view of your backyard. In addition, these tall wooden privacy fences work well for keeping pets safely penned in the yard and out of harm’s way.

One of the most common color choices for a wooden fence is a clean, simple white paint. This color accomplishes that tried-and-true hometown style. The other popular choice is to opt for a stained natural finish, to bring out the quality of the wood.

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Why Homeowners Love Our Wooden Backyard Fence Installations

While people have been building wooden fences for hundreds of years, it doesn’t mean that it’s simple or should be taken lightly. You should work with professional wood fence installers to ensure that your wooden backyard fence is built correctly. We are skilled at installing wooden privacy fences, split rail fences, and picket fences.

Another way that Freedom Fence & Railing provides a superior wood fence installation experience is through our skilled building team. Not only do our wood fence installers work quickly and accurately, but they also respect your property as if it was their own.

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When you work with Freedom Fence & Railing, you have a partner from the very beginning. Starting at our first in-person consultation and ending with the final post secured in the ground, we have your back. Our wood fence installers will ensure that you are fully satisfied with your wood fence design and installation in Pittsburgh, PA.

The process begins with a conversation and ends with you enjoying the ideal wooden fence for your home — contact us and get started today.