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Residential Vinyl Fence Installers in Pittsburgh, PA

The beauty and low-maintenance features of a vinyl fence have become a staple of clean suburban curb appeal and additional privacy for your property. Much like its aluminum counterpart, vinyl fencing installations are a popular option for homeowners looking for a modern style. Freedom Fence & Railing is one of the top choices for residents in the Greater Pittsburgh region in need of a quality team of vinyl fence installers. Our main vinyl product lines include semi-privacy, wide picket, and solid privacy.

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Vinyl Fence Styles

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Low-Maintenance Vinyl Privacy Fencing: Security & Seclusion

Vinyl privacy fences are one of the most common PVC fence styles that we install for our clients due to their added security. Fun fact: choosing a vinyl privacy fence can potentially save you money on your homeowner’s insurance premium! Of course, this will vary depending on your insurance carrier. The lower monthly cost is in response to the lower vandalism and burglary claims submitted by homeowners with a privacy fence – in other words, your vinyl privacy fence installation will eventually pay for itself!

In addition to security, privacy is a major factor for customers choosing a vinyl privacy fence from Freedom Fence & Railing. We hope you love your neighbors, but sometimes you want to forget they exist, especially when you are hosting a gathering for family and friends. If you have a pool, a PVC fence built with privacy in mind is a must. Contact us today to learn more about our vinyl privacy fence options!

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PVC Fencing: Setting Boundaries with Style

While the beauty and convenience of a low-maintenance PVC fence is bar none, the element of property delineation is important for many residents in the Greater Pittsburgh region. A PVC fence is the demarcation between yours and your neighbors’ property line. However, before you begin the process of a residential vinyl fence installation, be sure to verify the boundaries of your property. We will help you acquire the local permits required and inform you of any additional regulations enforced by zoning and HOA rules.

With various options available, designing a PVC fence for your property is the fun part! Match the current look of your backyard with the added benefit of privacy and definitive property spacing. From the height of your fence to the color and the type of vinyl privacy fence panels used, you can completely block the view of your backyard. If true seclusion matters to you, contact Freedom Fence & Railing today!

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