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In neighborhoods all across America, vinyl privacy fences are a staple of suburban curb appeal as well as a tool for some much-needed privacy. Much like aluminum fences, residential vinyl fences are a modern option as they provide practical advantages and striking style. Freedom Fence & Railing provides a wide array of vinyl products including semi-privacy, wide picket, and solid privacy.

Our professional vinyl fence installation team has worked with all types of fencing and geographical terrain. We’ll work with you to properly enclose your property for your safety and privacy needs.

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Vinyl Fence Styles

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The Benefits of Vinyl Privacy Fences

A vinyl privacy fence is the most popular style of fence we have installed throughout the years  – and that’s no accident. Vinyl fencing products have earned such a following for three reasons: they are easy to maintain, safe for pets and children, and they have a fantastic look that many homeowners love. In many ways, a vinyl yard fence is the white picket fence of yesteryear, updated for the 21st century.

When it comes to ease of ownership, vinyl fences rank alongside aluminum fencing. With minimal maintenance, you can reasonably expect your vinyl fence to last a lifetime. Since the vinyl fence panels are immune to rot and mold which can damage their wooden alternatives, they have a much longer lifespan than other fences. When it comes to keeping them free of dirt, some basic spring cleaning can remove the dirt and protect its color.

Vinyl privacy fences are a great choice to allow your pets and young children to explore your yard safely. One of the most important jobs of any fence is to protect the ones you love, and vinyl fences excel at this. Unlike some other options, the vinyl fence panels don’t allow room for small dogs or young kids to slip through the fence, which makes them one of the safest options on the market.

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When it comes to style, vinyl enhances the clean contemporary look of many homes. Although white vinyl is the most popular color choice, there are numerous other color options available, too. Freedom Fence & Railing’s team of vinyl fence installation experts will help you incorporate accents that match your current outdoor living space.

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Unmatched Residential Vinyl Fencing

While the convenience is top-notch and the style is a distinct selling point, the main draw of vinyl is the privacy that vinyl fence panels provide. Available in a variety of options for height, solid privacy vinyl fences can completely block the view of your backyard if that’s what you desire. If true seclusion matters to you, start here. In addition, during the design phase, homeowners have the option to incorporate both privacy and picket fence options in their backyards.

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