Backyard & Privacy Fence Installation in Pittsburgh, PA

What distinguishes a nice backyard from a true outdoor oasis? Seclusion and security. That’s why privacy fence installation is such a crucial step in building your dream backyard. At Freedom Fence & Railing, we offer and install a variety of yard fencing products to bring you total confidence in your yard’s seclusion and a complete sense of tranquility.

Not only do all of the privacy fences and backyard fences we install provide you with that feeling of solitude, they also enhance your exterior décor. That marriage of style and substance is key to our mission as fence builders.  At Freedom Fence & Railing, we stock and install numerous types of yard fencing, including vinyl and aluminum, to match your personal backyard style. Whether you know precisely what type of fence you’d like, or you’re still researching, let us be your resource.

Explore our vast selection of high-quality fencing products – and contact us to schedule your FREE in-person consultation.

Our Wide Variety of Yard Fencing Products

When you work with Freedom Fence & Railing, you can’t go wrong. No matter what type of yard or privacy fence you choose, you’ll be satisfied with both the security and the style it delivers.

Explore our wide variety of fencing products:

Aluminum, Vinyl & Chainlink Fence Products

Vinyl and aluminum are two of the most popular fencing products on the market today, and that’s no accident. Both of these premier fencing materials offer the convenience of minimal maintenance while lasting a lifetime. Compared to the wooden fences of the past that were susceptible to rot, vinyl and aluminum represent a serious leap forward. On the other hand, chain-link fences are still the standard material for business needs as they provide security and longevity at a favorable price point.

Vinyl fencing products are known for their clean signature style that goes with just about any outdoor décor. While black aluminum is one of the statement colors, aluminum fencing products are actually made in a wide variety of colors including bronze, gold, hunter green, khaki, and more. If you’re on the fence about which material to choose, we recommend visiting our store and seeing the choices in-person.


Fence Gates and Specialty Fencing Services

In addition to providing fence installation and other standard fencing services, we also specialize in niche items you couldn’t find anywhere else.  With a combined several decades of experience in the luxury fence construction business, our experts have a unique eye for design and practiced skills that allow us to do projects others wouldn’t attempt.

Fence gates are one of the specialties that Freedom Fence & Railing is proud to offer. Using real masonry stone, fence gates allow your fence to run the whole way around your property, while opening to your driveway. Beyond providing the upscale style of a uniform fence, fence gates also allow for an addition level of home safety. Finally, a fence gate simply stands out as a true stylistic exclamation point, setting your house apart from all of your neighbors’ homes.

If you have an outdoor project to make use of our specialty fencing skills, contact us to discuss your idea.

Backyard Fence Installation & Construction Near You

Whether you want a backyard or privacy fence in Pittsburgh, PA made of clean white vinyl or you prefer the striking look of bronzed aluminum, we’re the fence builders to trust. Freedom Fence & Railing ensures that your new project satisfies your sense of style with our wide selection of fencing products and our personalized design process.

Our fence installation teams are careful and courteous, ensuring that the project is done correctly while respecting your space. From the initial consultation to the final hour of installation, we make your experience a priority. If you have any questions, we invite you to give us a call, schedule a home consultation, or even visit our store.