5 Traits of the Best Fence Installers

Blog » Safety » 5 Traits of the Best Fence Installers

5 Traits of the Best Fence Installers
Blog » Safety » 5 Traits of the Best Fence Installers

5 Traits of the Best Fence Installers

Freedom Fence & Railing is a people-first type of fence company. From our experience in the business, all of the best fence installers feel that way, too. While we do offer industry-best fence and railing product lines, it’s how we treat our customers and their homes that sets us apart.

When you’re shopping around for a fence, you care about finding the material that matches your style, getting a fair price, and working with a trustworthy and respectful installer. Sometimes just asking about how a company works can tell you all you need to know. Check out this list of 5 traits that the best fence installers possess – so you know what to look for when making your selection.

Ask Your Fence Contractor If They Do These 5 Things…

Vinyl fence installation in Pittsburgh PA

When you’re ready to build the fence that will truly complete your home’s exterior aesthetic, you’ll want to work with the best fence installer in your area. At Freedom Fence & Railing, we know a thing or two about what it takes to be the best fence installers – and we’ve put together this list of things the fence contractor you choose should do when they’re installing your new fence.


1. Offers an In-Home Consultation

First and foremost, the best fence installers want to make sure you’ll be satisfied with your new fence. That’s where a home consultation is beneficial. Coming to your home to discuss your ideal fence style, material advantages, and your budget allows your fence contractor to understand your needs and answer any questions. When the experts at Freedom Fence come out for a consultation, we also measure your yard and provide you with a FREE quote as well.


2. Builds a Dirt Dome Around Each Post

One of the more technical things that makes someone stand out as a fence installer is how they leave the fence posts. Expert fence installers know to build domes of dirt around the fence post holes as opposed to leaving the area around them flat.  Building domes of extra dirt actually serves to protect the fence posts, as the dirt will fill in the holes over time, solidifying the strength of the post.


3. Leaves Your Yard Intact

When you hire someone to install the perfect fence for your yard, you want them to beautify your home’s exterior – not completely destroy it! The best fence installers will treat your yard as if it was their own, handling its preservation with the utmost care and attention. This includes carefully hauling materials and walking across your lawn — while using proper fence installation techniques to disturb as little of your landscaping as possible.


4. Disposes Extra Dirt

Since even kids know that it’s polite to clean up after themselves, it’s perfectly reasonable to expect that your fencing contractor shares that ideal, too. The best fence installers won’t leave a huge pile of dirt laying on your property and expect you to take care of it – they’ll dispose of the mess promptly, leaving your yard spotless and free of unsightly mounds of dirt. At Freedom Fence, we always remove excess dirt after the job because we care about your yard just as much as you do.


5. Offers a Wide Variety of Fencing Products

The final trait you should look for in the best fence installers is a no-brainer! To build your dream fence, you want plenty of options. Your perfect fencing contractor will offer a wide selection of products and styles to match every style and every budget. From budget-priced chain link and wood, to premium vinyl and aluminum options, the best fence installers will work with your style and budget to ensure you have a finished product that looks great and satisfies your needs.


The Outdoor Decor Team that Does it All

Aluminum fence installed in Pittsburgh PA

At Freedom Fence & Railing, we bring our people-first mentality to all of the outdoor projects we complete. From installing a new deck railing on your deck or porch, to building the fence that completes your yard’s aesthetic, we do it all.

No matter what the project is, we live by these guidelines of treating our clients’ homes as we would treat our own.  Learn more about Freedom Fence and the values that guide our work.


Trust the Best Fence Installer in Monaca, PA

When you’re ready to start the conversation about your home project, reach out to the best fence installers in Monaca, PA. Like all the best fence companies, we’ll begin the conversation with an in-home consultation. Whether you want a vinyl, aluminum, wood, or another style of fence, we’re the team to trust.

Contact us today to request your free in-home consultation and free quote!

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