What is a Porch Fence?

Blog » Safety » What is a Porch Fence?

What is a Porch Fence?
Blog » Safety » What is a Porch Fence?

What is a Porch Fence?

Common ways to raise your home’s curb appeal typically include a fresh coat of paint and or seasonal lawn decorations. Yet, the savviest home designers know that the right front porch fence idea can express your unique style and safeguard your guests.

Here at Freedom Fence & Railing, we have more than three decades of experience helping homeowners find the perfect vinyl or aluminum porch fence. Our experts have created this guide to walk you through various types of front porch fences and designs to elevate your home’s appearance and security.

Keep reading to explore more porch fence ideas from our experts or contact us now for a free in-home consultation.


Porch Fence Ideas & Designs

porch fence ideas and designs

The right porch fence idea can transform this safety necessity into a show-stopping feature of your home. Various styles range from sleek vertical slats to two-toned color palettes, and much more.

Aluminum and vinyl front porch fences each come with unique advantages both in practical function and style.

No matter what color or material your home exterior is built with, both vinyl and aluminum railing options are versatile neutral colors that pair well with a range of existing styles:

Types of porch fences:
  1. Vinyl porch fences: Vinyl porch fences provide a wide range of common and unique colors to match the siding of your home with low-maintenance and easy upkeep. This vinyl classic is one of the most commonly chosen options by homeowners.
  2. Aluminum porch fences: Aluminum porch fences offer the long-lasting durability of wrought metal with a slim profile for a sleek and maintenance-free experience. These solutions can last for decades with maximum dependability.

Learn more about the differences between aluminum vs vinyl porch railing here.

No matter if your style is modern, traditional, or contemporary, we’re confident you’ll find a railing style you love! See our designer’s guide to choosing a railing for your porch, deck or stairs here. Whatever style you choose, Freedom Fence & Railing can help with porch fence idea brainstorming and five-star installation services you can trust.


Vinyl Porch Fence Systems

vinyl porch fence systems

Vinyl porch fences are commonly known as a time-tested solution for modern, 21st-century homeowners, and it’s not hard to understand why. The design accommodates a wide variety of appearances to match homes with a rainbow of colors from white, almond, and khaki to elegant hues like golden oak, mahogany, and much more.

Popular vinyl porch fence lines include Potenza, Genova, Majestic, and Conrad!

Like vinyl fencing systems, this type of porch fence l is a low-maintenance solution, resisting damage from moisture and never splintering, flaking, or peeling over time. Vinyl handrails are also quick and inexpensive for homeowners to clean with a cloth, gentle soap, and water to wipe away dirt in minutes.

Vinyl front porch fences also safeguard your family and friends in the event of a fall, as well as meet residential building codes to keep your home in compliance.


Aluminum Porch Fence Systems

aluminum porch fence systems

Aluminum front porch fences provide a sophisticated sense of modern style with the robust strength and long-term durability of wrought aluminum. These fences come with powder coating to provide a powerful maintenance-free solution that resists the forces of corrosion like mold, rot, and decay, even in harsh weather with changing seasons. Aluminum also won’t twist, shrink, warp or splinter over time.

Sleek aluminum fences also come with a stunning array of color options, from classics like bronze and white to silver, speckled walnut, and much more. The most popular series include the Tuscany, Riviera and Drinkrail!

An aluminum front porch fence allows you to satisfy the safety requirements of International Building Codes in the event of a fall while showcasing your personal taste with outstanding design.

Explore more aluminum railing and vinyl railing options on our website!


Get Your Free Front Porch Fence Quote

what is a porch fence

A high-quality front porch fence offers the perfect blend of beauty and stability for welcoming your guests and keeping your family safe.

The team here at Freedom Fence & Railing has more than 30 years of experience serving the community with the finest fencing and railing installations. We’re confident that we can match you to the right solution.

Ready to take your porch to the next level with a secure fence? The professionals at Freedom Fence & Railing are ready and waiting to help you today with an honest opinion about whether your home needs a new railing. Call or email us now to explore porch fence ideas for your residence with a free, in-home consultation available for a limited time.

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