Exploring the Best Pool Fences on the Market

Blog » Safety » Exploring the Best Pool Fences on the Market

Exploring the Best Pool Fences on the Market
Blog » Safety » Exploring the Best Pool Fences on the Market

Exploring the Best Pool Fences on the Market

Your brand new pool isn’t complete without a fence surrounding it – that’s a requirement for legal, safety, and even privacy reasons. The best pool fences provide a solution to all three of those demands and will last a lifetime, just like your new pool. Keep reading to dig into the key traits that make for the best fence for around a pool, and to see a few of your style options!

At Freedom Fence & Railing, we’re a fence company that serves the Pittsburgh, PA area and beyond. Our team is ready to help you find your perfect fence and to get it installed before you start swimming this spring. Read our latest blog to see the elements the best pool fences all share – or schedule your free consultation with our experts!

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Best Fence for Around a Pool: 5 Essential Traits 

Planning for your pool takes enough work and time – the last thing you want to do is to have to figure out all the nuances the fence needs to have. We’re making it easy and breaking down everything you need. The best fence for around a pool will offer these 5 advantages:


What Makes for a Good Wooden Fence?
  1. Resists Corrosion – The chlorine used in treating pool water can have an impact on your new fence. Since chlorine is highly-corrosive, splashing water regularly on certain fences can cause them serious damage and deterioration. However, the right material will make sure this is not an issue. All of our aluminum fences are powder coated, and our vinyl fences are built from virgin vinyl – both of these materials prevent the possible corrosion that comes from being installed poolside.
  2. Low-Maintenance – Your new pool will require plenty of work – your fence shouldn’t. The best pool fences all come with a low-maintenance or no-maintenance guarantee. This means you’re going to want to only look at vinyl or aluminum fences as both of these options last 50+ years without ever requiring re-painting or re-staining. Not only will these fences never become a labor-intensive backyard chore, but they’ll also never lose the gorgeous look you picked out in the first place!
  3. Include Privacy Options – A pool is oftentimes the centerpiece of a dream-come-true backyard oasis. The only thing that can ruin that sought-after tranquility is feeling like you’re being watched as you swim and lounge. Keeping prying eyes away from your yard is something the best fences for around a pool provides. Vinyl fences are often the best pool fences as they provide nearly unbeatable privacy that keeps anyone from looking in – all while enhancing your backyard décor. Check out our favorite privacy fence ideas.
  4. Protected against Ground Settling – This trait of the best fence for around a pool has less to do with the material and more to do with the installation. Since pool fences are installed right after a major excavation, the ground will still be settling. That’s why it is essential that the fence company you work with mitigates any risk to the fence foundation. Since our crews have decades of experience installing fences around in-ground pools, you can trust us to handle this.
  5. Sturdy, Safe, & Meets All Requirements – One of the most important jobs your pool fence needs to do is to keep people safe while ensuring your installation is legal. That’s why the most important thing to look for is a fence that has the high-quality locks and hinges, which are required everywhere. In addition, it is crucial to ensure that your pool fence is the right height to meet local and national building codes. At Freedom Fence, we have ample experience installing throughout PA, and we can ensure your fence keeps you legal. Learn more about PA’s fence laws right here.


Find Your Favorite Style

The practical traits that make for the best fence around a pool are only the beginning. Fortunately, finding your fence style is more fun than ever as there are more eye-catching styles to choose from. These are just a few of our favorite designs for vinyl and aluminum.


Vinyl Fences – Almost all vinyl fences have a clean and attractive style that looks great in almost any backyard. Notice how the different style fence panels provide a different level of privacy.


Aluminum Fences – Modern and sleek, aluminum fences bring an upscale ambience that makes your backyard pool feel a little more like a home resort.


Get Quotes on the Best Pool Fences

If you want to have your pool and fence prepped for the first day of warm weather, we’re here to help. We have experience building the best pool fences that keep your pool legal, that look amazing, and that last for decades. The first step is a conversation with our team to pick your material and style while getting your free quote.

Reach out right now to get started!


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