Pool Fence Designs & Pictures

Blog » Outdoor Style » Pool Fence Designs & Pictures

Pool Fence Designs & Pictures
Blog » Outdoor Style » Pool Fence Designs & Pictures

Pool Fence Designs & Pictures

You’re building a pool for this summer, and you know you’re required to build a fence to keep it legal. That doesn’t have to be a bummer, though – 21st century pool fence designs not only meet standard pool codes, but they look gorgeous, too. There are enough different pool fence materials and design ideas to match almost every outdoor décor!

At Freedom Fence & Railing, we install a wide variety of pool fences including classic vinyl fencing and the newly trending aluminum options. See some of our standout pool fence pictures and designs – and contact us for a quote!

Popular Pool Fence Pictures & Ideas

Your backyard décor is something you take seriously, especially considering how much more time you’ll spend out there with your new pool. However, some style-conscious homeowners are a little worried their pool fence will be an eyesore. That couldn’t be further from the truth! We have the magazine-worthy pool fence pictures to prove it.

Here are some of our favorite pool fence designs that you’ll love, too:


White Vinyl Picket Fencing

The classic. White vinyl pickets are the most common pool fence design idea thanks to their clean look that almost everyone loves. From a color combination standpoint, the white vinyl pickets look fantastic complementing the sand-colored concrete from which most in-ground pools are made. In addition, these are among the most affordable pool fence options, which can be key for homeowners watching their budget after making a big purchase.

White vinyl pool fence design with landscaping



Aluminum Fencing

The trending fence material, aluminum pool fence designs are earning big headlines due do their unobtrusive look and versatile style. While aluminum fences are built secure enough to meet all pool codes, they don’t block or obscure your view, which can be fantastic if you have an attractive property. While black aluminum fencing is one of the most common colors you’ll see, earthy brown aluminum fences are increasingly popular as well. See both colors in our pool fence pictures.



Two-Tone Privacy Pool Fence

Aluminum makes a great pool fence design idea because it doesn’t block the view of your yard. However, if you have a nosy neighbor or want to maximize the feeling of a secluded backyard oasis, then you need a privacy pool fence. This fence style commonly features a color combination of tan and white for a distinct, upscale style – that belongs in almost any pool fence design.

Two-toned vinyl privacy pool fence in backyard


All three of these fence types boast similar low-maintenance convenience and will perform for decades. No matter which style option you choose, your pool fence will do its job and will look great, too.


Pool Fence Legal Codes Explained

When you work with Freedom Fence & Railing to install your pool fence, you can feel 100% confident that it will meet the legal pool code requirements. As a fence company, it’s our job to know and use these codes everyday. While the pool codes themselves can be complicated to read, we’ve clarified the essentials for homeowners:

• The top of the pool fence rail must be at least 45 inches from the bottom rail. Essentially, this means your fence needs to be 48 inches tall.
• The space between the pickets needs to be less than 1.75 inches.
• The gate on the pool fence must have a lockable latch at 55 inches off the ground or more.
• The gate latch must have a mechanism to pull itself closed if left ajar at 6 inches or less.

All of these pool fence codes exist to ensure that no one falls into your pool because they do not realize it’s there. In addition, the gate requirements exist to protect children from having unsupervised access to your pool.

All of our gorgeous pool fence pictures and designs meet these safety requirements – and keep your family totally secure.

Black aluminum pool fence design with hardscape


Installing Your Pool Fence Designs

At Freedom Fencing & Railing, we’re committed to delivering a product that keeps you safe and enhances the aesthetic of your backyard. We only install products that exceed in BOTH of these areas. We’re the team to bring your pool fence designs to life this spring and summer.

Now that you’ve explored our pool fence pictures, the next step is to have an at-home, in-person consultation – and to get your free quote. Contact us to start the conversation today.

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