What Makes for the Best Wooden Fence?

Blog » Privacy » What Makes for the Best Wooden Fence?

What Makes for the Best Wooden Fence?
Blog » Privacy » What Makes for the Best Wooden Fence?

What Makes for the Best Wooden Fence?

For some homeowners, a wooden fence might be the perfect choice. While wood may not stand out as the flashiest or most modern fence style, it does boast the best upfront price point, solid privacy, and a nice rustic style. However, there’s a big difference between strong wood fences and ultra-cheap options – one can provide you years of privacy while the other falls apart fast. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting what makes for the best wooden fence.

At Freedom Fence & Railing, we build extremely high-quality wood, vinyl, and aluminum fences throughout the Pittsburgh area and beyond. Since quality always matters, we’re highlighting what separates a cheap and disappointing wooden fence from one that will do its job for years to come. Read our latest blog to learn the traits of the best wooden fence – or simply reach out to get your quote today!


Key Traits of a Strong Wood Fence

Everybody likes to save money where they can, and strong wood fences may be one of the best bargains in fencing. However, you need to know what you’re looking for – or you may end up regretting that so-called “bargain”. These are the traits that you can look for to ensure you’re getting the best wooden fence:


What Makes for a Good Wooden Fence?
  1. Thick Pickets — The thickness of the wood pickets that form the fence can tell you quite a lot about the quality of the product. Thinner pickets mean the fence will be less sturdy and more likely to split or crack. Cheap fences tend to be 5/8 inches thick, whereas we build our fences using 11/16 inch pickets for added strength.
  2. High Quality Lumber – A quality product requires quality materials to start. That’s why strong wood fences are built from high quality lumber. At Freedom Fence and Railing, we build all of our wood fences from real prime grade lumber. Before you buy any wooden fence, make sure you can count on the quality of the lumber.
  3. Deeply Treated Lumber— Just as important as the quality of the lumber is the treatment that’s applied to it. By pressure treating the wood, you give it the ability to resist mold and rot for a time – however, not all pressure treatment is equally good. Cheaper wood options will only be surface-treated, while strong wood fences will be deeply treated for maximum durability.
  4. 6 Feet High — The best wood fences also provide solid privacy thanks to their tall, full panels. In order to provide complete privacy, you’ll want to opt for fence panels that are at least 6 feet tall. If you’re choosing wood for a full backyard fence, make sure it provides the privacy you need. Learn more about our preferred privacy fence options.


Vinyl: The Next Step Up

At Freedom Fence & Railing, we believe in and proudly install high-quality wooden products. However, we are always transparent with our customers about the pros and cons. While a strong wood fence is a standout budget option, there are some issues you need to know about first:

  • Even the best wooden fence will need to be repainted and re-stained on a semi-regular basis. If that maintenance isn’t kept up with, the fence will grow mold and fall apart.
  • A wood fence will never be able to match the 50+ year lifespan of a modern vinyl or aluminum fence. With regular maintenance, a good wooden fence lasts about 15 years maximum.
  • While the rustic look of a wooden fence is classic, there are some homes that just don’t look as good paired with wood.

These are some reasons why vinyl fences are quickly becoming the most popular fence style across America. Vinyl lasts a lifetime without needing major maintenance, and it comes with an unparalleled spectrum of color choices (including faux wood). In fact, we often recommend homeowners to consider BOTH wood and vinyl before making their final choice.

While wood may be more budget-friendly upfront, it will need to be replaced several times over the course of owning your home. Since vinyl fences last a lifetime and will never need to be replaced, they are far less expensive long term.

Trying to keep the upfront price low? Consider sharing the cost of a fence with a neighbor.

Solid wood fence for added privacy in backyard


Installing the Best Wooden Fences & Much More

If you’re ready to take the next step, Freedom Fence is here to help. We encourage you to reach out today to get prices on the best wooden fence and any other styles you may be interested in. Plus, our outdoor experts can help you decide on the perfect look for your home and the right fence for your budget.

Contact us to start the conversation right now!

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