2023 Trend Alert: Curved Fences

Blog » Privacy » 2023 Trend Alert: Curved Fences

2023 Trend Alert: Curved Fences
Blog » Privacy » 2023 Trend Alert: Curved Fences

2023 Trend Alert: Curved Fences

In 2023, fences have no business being boring.

With modern-day innovations, fence installers in Pennsylvania and across the country are capable of bringing gorgeous new round fencing to both residential and commercial applications! One of the groundbreaking new fence styles gaining popularity quickly is curved top fences.

In today’s blog, you’ll discover all the reasons why people are going crazy for this trendy fence, as well as styles to try and prices to consider for your own installation from one of the area’s leading contractors.

Stay tuned to learn all this and more – from FFR!


Why Homeowners Are LOVING Round Fencing This Year

curved privacy vinyl pool fence

Hot off the press: round fencing is in! And experts suggest that this contemporary fence look isn’t going away anytime soon.

Its distinctive design and versatile style makes curved fences one that makes you stop and stare (in the good way!).

But, what really makes round fencing so appealing?

  1. Modern design – If you thought backyard fencing couldn’t bring a show-stopping aesthetic to your property, think again! Curved privacy fences offer a rounded design which is a feature prominently showcased in modern and contemporary styles.
  2. Versatile installation – Because it accommodates all types of yard terrain, slopes and sizes, this trendy fence is available to almost EVERY property owner in PA!
  3. Unique portfolio – A curved fence top makes for a piece that stands out from the rest. This fence style adds a luxurious feel to any yard, and with so many options for customizing your design, you can create a look that’s truly yours.
  4. Affordable style – Adding a curved privacy fence is a great way to add style and sophistication to your property without breaking the bank. Prices vary depending on the fence design, style, material, length, contractor, and other determining factors.

No matter if you’re adding a privacy, dog, or pool fence for practical purposes or a trendy fence for decorative reasons, this style is one that performs well for all! If you like the idea of a trendy fence, but aren’t sure if a curved privacy fence is right for you, explore more fences with decorative tops here – or speak with one of our friendly representatives today.


Curved Privacy Fences & Curved Top Options

Now that you know why homeowners love this contemporary, trendy fence, it’s time to explore all its gorgeous possibilities! Curved privacy fences can be accomplished either one of two ways: as a curved fence or as a curved top fence…


Curved Fences

vinyl curved fence with gray and white

For those distinctively shaped spaces, curved fences are the ultimate solution! If your property line takes a wide turn or you’re looking to fence around rounded patio or deck shapes, arched aluminum fence panels, like the one photographed, are something to consider.


Curved Top Fences 

round fencing in backyard

Popular among the wooden and vinyl fencing options are curved top fences. This style of round fencing utilizes unique convex panels to create a modern twist on classic outdoor design. Privacy solutions are more commonly built in this style than picket or aluminum designs; however, some aluminum fence gates do offer this look.

The curved fence type you choose will be a reflection of your personal style, preferences, needs, and budget. To help get a better idea of what a vinyl or aluminum fence costs, check out our other blogs – or, schedule your free-in home consultation with our contractors now!


Find Trendy Fences at FFR!

rounded fence panels in alumibum

When you’re ready to amp up the aesthetic of your outdoor space, Freedom Fence & Railing is here to help!

Whether you choose a modern curved fence option or opt for one with a more traditional flair, our experts will work with you every step of the way. Reach out today and get ready to add that wow-factor property owners everywhere are raving about!  Contact us now to discuss your needs and let’s get started on transforming your property into the backyard oasis of your dreams!

We can’t wait to show you all that modern curved fences have to offer! Feel free to browse our website for more information about other fencing styles, options, installation tips, and more.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you find the perfect fence for your outdoor space!

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