Vinyl Fence Styles and Colors

Blog » Project Planning » Vinyl Fence Styles and Colors

Vinyl Fence Styles and Colors
Blog » Project Planning » Vinyl Fence Styles and Colors

Vinyl Fence Styles and Colors

For style-conscious homeowners, front yard curb appeal starts with the right fence. For both practical reasons and aesthetic ones, vinyl fencing is often the best answer — in fact, it’s the leading style fence in America. When choosing this material, you have a HUGE variety of vinyl fence styles and colors to complete your yard.

At Freedom Fence & Railing, we install fences that provide homeowners a lifetime of security and style. Plus, we have decades of experience of helping our clients find the perfect fence for their home and their look. Now we’re sharing our wisdom with you.

Explore the wide range of vinyl fence styles and colors that you can choose from — and remember we’ll ALWAYS give you a free fence quote.

Vinyl fencing colors against brick house

3 Fence Styles to Choose From

From total privacy fences to the classic pickets, you can do quite a lot with your fence. These are the 3 most popular vinyl fence styles we install:

Traditional — Simple and elegant, this style of fence matches almost any outdoor style you can envision. With a flat top and clean design, traditional style fences can work with a modern decor or a classic one. While this fence won’t block the gaze from your nosy neighbor, it’s perfect for keeping your yard safe and secure.


Picket Style — The classic all-American fence updated for the 21st century. Perfect in white vinyl, picket fences are often used to create a nostalgic, Mainstreet USA style of front yard décor. These fences look gorgeous in front of old brick farmhouses as well as in new build colonial style neighborhoods.


Privacy Fence — A fence style that packs as much practicality as it does beauty, this vinyl fence style is your ONLY choice for ensuring total privacy. These solid panel privacy fences are tall enough that your neighbors will need a ladder to snoop on you. Plus, these fences look fantastic too — the clean modern lines of the panels match nicely with multiple styles of contemporary homes.  In fact, some of the more ornamental privacy fences have top rails that come with a whole catalog of interesting patterns.

Once you know the vinyl fence style you plan to build, the next step is choosing the right color. Let’s jump in.


4 Fence Colors to Consider

Back in the day, vinyl came in white — and that was about it. Now, homeowners are demanding a variety of bold vinyl fence colors.

Whether you like the classic white or something new and eye-catching, you’ll find it with Freedom Fence & Railing. Here are some of the most popular vinyl fence colors we install:


4 Fence Colors
  1. White — The definition of simple elegance, white vinyl looks good with both dark and light-colored houses. White fences will attract some dirt overtime, so you’ll have to hose them off once a year or so.
  2. Tan — Another color that goes with anything, tan fencing looks fantastic matching tan-colored vinyl siding — as well as providing a contract to grey-colored siding.
  3. Gray — A cool and modern vinyl fence color to consider, gray fencing is becoming a popular choice for homeowners who like to think differently. A solid gray fence panel is an excellent complement to white vinyl siding. Gray panels are often used alongside white posts and frames for a multi-dimensional style.
  4. Wood Grain — If the rustic look is for you, this is the vinyl fence color you want. A faux wood grain exterior gives your property the look of natural lumber with all of the maintenance-free upsides of vinyl fencing.
  5. So Many MoreThese highly-sought after styles are just the beginning. If you’re planning around a color motif and you don’t see it here, ask us. We can find something or recommend a perfect alternative.


Free Vinyl Fencing Quotes

Love these colors and styles? Fantastic.

Want to see more? We can make that happen.

These vinyl fence colors and styles are just the tip of the iceberg. To see even more gorgeous looks, schedule an at-home consultation with our fence design expert — and its like our showroom comes to you.  Not only can you decide on the style and color that are perfect for your curb appeal — but you’ll get a free quote.

Contact us to start the conversation today.


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