Privacy Fence Designs for Style & Seclusion

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Privacy Fence Designs for Style & Seclusion
Blog » Privacy » Privacy Fence Designs for Style & Seclusion

Privacy Fence Designs for Style & Seclusion

Whether you have a neighbor with an unhealthy curiosity or you just want to maximize your seclusion, a privacy fence is the final piece to complete your backyard oasis. However, you worked hard to design your yard with style, and the last thing you want is a big, hulking eyesore of a fence. Fortunately, these popular privacy fence designs don’t ruin your outdoor style – they enhance it!

At Freedom Fence & Railing, we know that fences have 2 jobs: to keep your yard your own – and to look good while doing so. See our ideas for the privacy fences that block a peeping neighbor’s line of sight and that make for an eye-popping HGTV-worthy backyard.

Commercial property privacy fence made of vinyl


Most Popular Backyard Privacy Fence Ideas

Whether you just moved in, recently built a new swimming pool, or simply decided it was time to make your backyard truly tranquil, now is the right time to install a privacy fence. The most popular privacy fence styles include wood, vinyl, and the trendy aluminum framed vinyl privacy fences.

See each of these go-to privacy fence options and the different styles that are available – and learn why homeowners love owning each of them.

Wooden Privacy Fences – All wooden privacy fences feature tall pickets packed close enough together to block the view of your backyard. The different styles of wooden privacy fences come from the different wood species used in their construction. The most common types of lumber used in privacy fence design are a light pressure-treated wood or a distinct red cedar.

Here are some pros and cons you can expect from a wooden privacy fence:

✔️ Gorgeous Rustic Style

✔️ Affordable Price Point

❌ Maintenance Like Sealing or Re-Staining is Needed

❌ Shorter Lifespan than Other Styles


Vinyl Privacy Fences — The material behind some of the truly classic privacy fence ideas, vinyl can either have a plain and modern look or a luxurious and ornamental one. An elegantly simple privacy fence design will feature one-tone vinyl panels with limited top rail decoration. On the other hand, decorative designs will feature bold two-tone color combos and fancy rail decorations. Your vinyl fence will excel at keeping your yard your own — and all of the design options can help set the tone of your yard.

✔️ Simple or Ornamental Look

✔️ Limited Maintenance Needed

✔️ Long Lifespan

❌Decorative Styles are More Expensive


Aluminum Frame Privacy Fences — A style-forward type of fence, aluminum privacy fence options feature an aluminum frame around a vinyl panel. The vinyl panel provides the privacy while the aluminum brings sleek strength and a sharp color contrast. These fences are ideal for building a modern backyard with a one-of-a-kind style.

brown vinyl privacy fence

✔️ Eye-Catching Modern Look

✔️ No Maintenance Needed

✔️ Extremely Long Lifespan

❌ High Price Point

Once upon a time, you had a MAXIMUM of 2 choices for your privacy fence design — now you have a whole catalog of style-savvy options. Whichever one of these three privacy fence ideas you choose to bring to your backyard, you’ll appreciate the unbeatable privacy and a legitimately custom sense of style that’s right for you.


See Everything Freedom Fence & Railing Offers

While we offer a wide range of privacy fence options, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our outdoor products. At Freedom Fence & Railing, we also carry a large line of non-privacy yard fences that pack just as much style. Our sleek aluminum yard fences are one of our specialties — see them right here.

In addition, we also install a range of railing options for decks and porches as well as staircases. In fact, many homeowners we work with choose to coordinate the style between their fencing and railing systems.

white vinyl railing designs


Schedule Your Privacy Fence Design Consultation

If you see the exact privacy fence design you want, call today to get your FREE quote. If you’re still trying to find the right style for your backyard décor, we recommend you schedule an in-home consultation with one of our design experts.

We can help you find the right fence for your sense of style and for your budget. Contact us today to start the conversation — and to schedule your in-home consultation!

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