Sharing the Cost of a Fence with a Neighbor

Blog » Project Planning » Sharing the Cost of a Fence with a Neighbor

Sharing the Cost of a Fence with a Neighbor
Blog » Project Planning » Sharing the Cost of a Fence with a Neighbor

Sharing the Cost of a Fence with a Neighbor

The old saying goes that good fences make good neighbors. We’d like to take it a step further and say that sharing the cost of a fence makes for GREAT neighbors.

That’s right – increasingly, homeowners are splitting the cost of their new fence with their neighbors. At Freedom Fence & Railing, we’re behind this idea 100% as it tends to lead to better relationships and all-around nicer fences at a shared price. In this blog, we’re breaking down the benefits of sharing the cost of a fence with your neighbor, other key points of fence etiquette, and the most in-demand fence styles.

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Benefits of Splitting the Fence Cost

Whether you and your neighbor are considering splitting the cost of a fence just between your two properties or around each of your yards, there are definite advantages to this strategy. There are several reasons that we often recommend neighbors work together to select and pay for their fence together – and here’s why we’ve seen it work so well:

  • No Potential for Disagreements – While the majority of times both parties are happy when one of you builds a fence, sometimes, people can take offense or issues can come up. Whether your neighbor doesn’t like the look or height of the fence, or they’re just outright offended by your desire to put one up, problems can arise. However, when you collaborate with your neighbor on the fence, you ensure both you and them are excited for the project. Check out awesome fence and home color combinations.
  • Save Money on the Project – The best reason to do it: sharing the cost of a fence with a neighbor saves you both money. Building two side-by-side fences is redundant – instead, just build one that does the job. After all, you’ll both get use out of the fence, so it makes sense to save money on it.
  • Share Maintenance (If Needed) – While the main fences we install at Freedom Fence & Railing are low maintenance options like aluminum and vinyl fencing, some fences need annual maintenance to keep going strong. If you and your neighbor split the cost of a pressure-treated wood or cedar fence, you can team up to handle the yearly re-staining which will keep the fence looking amazing.
  • Afford a Deluxe Fence – Vinyl and aluminum fences are considered the deluxe options for a new fence based on their sleek looks (including faux wood options), the ultra-low maintenance advantages, and the decades-long lifespans. The only reason for people to NOT pick one of these is that their prices are a bit higher. However, if you and a neighbor share the cost, you can get one of the premium fences you both really want – even if it would be a stretch to buy it on your own!

Get a ballpark estimate on what a vinyl fence should cost and what an aluminum fence should cost.


Other Fence Etiquette Pointers  

Combined vinyl fence materials

While splitting the cost of a fence is a great idea, it doesn’t work for every pair of neighbors. So, even if you and your neighbor aren’t sharing the cost of a fence, there are still a few fence etiquette rules you should know.

Firstly, it’s important to know that if you get a wooden fence that has a finished or “good” side and an “un-finished” side, the finished/good side needs to face outwards. Not only do you want your neighbor to have the nicer view, but some local laws even enforce this. Once again, though – both sides of a deluxe fence, like aluminum or vinyl, look identical and beautiful, so this issue becomes non-existent.

Secondly, it’s important to keep your fence in good condition. If you have a standard wood or cedar fence, that means you’ll have to re-paint or re-stain the wood every so often to prevent mold and rot. Maintaining your fence regularly goes a long way to ensuring it looks great to both you and your neighbors – and it won’t deteriorate faster than it should.


Popular Fence Styles & Materials 

Whether you’re sharing the cost of a fence with a neighbor or you’re going solo, you have tons of fantastic fencing options. Vinyl and aluminum fences are some of the most popular fence types we install, and it isn’t hard to see why!


Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences come at a solid price point and won’t ever grow mold or rot like wooden alternatives. Coming in a variety of colors, vinyl fences make the best options for privacy fences. See some of the looks.


Aluminum Fences

These modern fences are the most deluxe option on the market, providing an unbeatable lifespan, no maintenance, and a great look. Plus, aluminum fences come in tons of colors which you might not have expected!


Whether you’re splitting the cost with a neighbor or building on your own, the first step to purchasing your new fence is an in-home consultation. During the conversation, we’ll help you find the perfect fence for your style and budget, and we’ll provide you a FREE quote.

Contact us today to start the conversation!

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