Popular House and Fence Color Combinations

Blog » Outdoor Style » Popular House and Fence Color Combinations

Popular House and Fence Color Combinations
Blog » Outdoor Style » Popular House and Fence Color Combinations

Popular House and Fence Color Combinations

Sitting front and center, a fence is a crucial component of your home exterior design. Whether it’s a front yard or backyard fence, matching the style and the color of your fence to your house is one of the best ways to create a unified outdoor design. If you need some inspiration, we’re here to help. See some of our favorite choices for house and fence color combinations!

With all of the countless color options on the market, you might have a tough time finding the perfect one for your home. That’s why Freedom Fence & Railing, a luxury fence company serving Pittsburg PA, is here to help you find the best fence color for your home.  Read our blog to explore the wide range of house and fence color combinations — and get your FREE fence quote today!


Best Fence Color for Your House

Finding the best color for your house comes down to two things: your personal taste and the color of your home.  While we think you’ll love our recommendations, you can choose any color fence to match your home. These are our recommendations for house and fence color combinations:


Best Fence Color for a White House

Beautiful white houses are some of the most common across the entire country. While certain homeowners like matching white vinyl fences to white vinyl siding, most people prefer a contrast. Both the striking black of an aluminum fence and the natural brown of wood pair naturally with the clean white look. If you want the style of wood but don’t want the maintenance, we offer faux wood vinyl fences as well. Finally, if you have an eye for the exciting, you may want to add a bold color like bronze or sandy shore!


Best Fence Color for Brick Homes

Vinyl fence installation in Pittsburgh PA

Brick homes are a true American classic and they deserve a fence that enhances that status. That’s why the classic white picket fence is a popular color combination for brick houses. Plus, the clean white vinyl fence matches the white grout lines in the brick as well. While white vinyl is the number one choice, black aluminum can also enhance the classic style as well.


Best Fence Color for a Light Home

Whether your house is tan, grey, or another light color — you’ll have an easy time finding great choices to match. Pairing a white vinyl fence to a grey or tan house is an absolutely standout complimentary look. On the other hand, going dark with a grey or black aluminum fence makes for a nice contrast. The sky is the limit here, because almost everything looks great!


Best Fence Color for Colorful Houses

Vinyl fence installation in Pittsburgh PA

If your home is a color that draws attention all on its own, chances are you’ll want to choose a more subdued color for your fence and other yard accents. Depending on the color of the home standard white and black fences are the most popular choice. However, we have seen silver and grey colored fence compliment this as well.

Still looking for more fence colors? See our blogs about vinyl and aluminum color options!


Best Fence Color for Darker Homes

If your siding is brown, dark green or dark grey, you have the potential to create a truly interesting home exterior with your fence color. Black looks good with everything — and will create a sleek and cool modern flair. However, if you’re one who craves a bold style, you may like pairing your dark house with a multicolored fence. Look at how striking this two-tone fence is when paired with dark siding.


Get Your Fence Installation Quote Today

Your fence is going to be a major part of the look of your home for decades to come — having a house and fence color combination you like makes sure you love it the whole time. At Freedom Fence & Railing, we pride ourselves on being skilled fence installers as well as expert outdoor designers. So, if you have questions about finding the best fence color for your home, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our designers.

As part of your style consultation, you’ll also get a FREE quote to install your fence. Contact us today to schedule now!

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