What Should a Vinyl Fence Cost?

Blog » Project Planning » What Should a Vinyl Fence Cost?

What Should a Vinyl Fence Cost?
Blog » Project Planning » What Should a Vinyl Fence Cost?

What Should a Vinyl Fence Cost?

Nothing says suburban style quite like a clean white vinyl fence. Beyond the Americana-style reasons for their popularity are the low-maintenance practicality and the fair price point. So, just how great is that price point – or in other words, what should a vinyl fence cost?

There are a few different answers to that question depending on the style and color vinyl fence you choose, as well as the amount of yard you need to cover. However, we’ll break down the price to install a vinyl fence for all of our most popular vinyl fence styles. While many fence installation companies don’t want to share their pricing, at Freedom Fence & Railing we know our prices well – so we’re more than happy to show you what an average vinyl fence costs.

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Vinyl Fence Pricing Per Linear Foot

To get started understanding vinyl fence pricing, it helps to learn a little more about your options. We offer numerous different styles and colors of vinyl fencing – and each has a different price per linear foot.

In order to estimate what your new vinyl fence will cost, it helps to look at the price per linear foot for each vinyl fence style.


Vinyl Yard Fence Style Pricing

Clay colored vinyl fence in Pittsburgh PA

This elegantly simple type of fence features a top and bottom rail, but it does without the ornamental pickets on other more decorative fences.

  • White Vinyl: white tends to be the cheapest option per linear foot
  • Tan Vinyl:  tan is typically more expensive than white but cheaper than clay per linear foot
  • Clay Vinyl: clay is usually the most expensive option per linear foot

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Vinyl Picket Fence Pricing

White vinyl picket fence installed in Pittsburgh PA

The style that most exemplifies the classic suburban aesthetic, this fence features namesake pickets that increase the price, as the individual picket caps are more expensive than the flat rails of a yard fence.

  • White Vinyl: white is the cheapest option
  • Tan Vinyl:  tan is usually in between white and clay
  • Clay Vinyl: clay is the most expensive option

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Full Privacy Fence

Two toned vinyl privacy fence installed in Pittsburgh PA

This full privacy fence has the highest price tag of all of the PVC fence styles we install. The price for this full coverage fence exceeds the others as it takes more vinyl to build and more time to install on-site.

  • White Vinyl: white is usually the cheapest color options for a fully privacy fence
  • Tan Vinyl:  the cost of a tan full privacy fence is usually between white and clay options
  • Clay Vinyl: a fully privacy fence in clay is the most expensive option

While these prices are simply averages, they are a helpful starting point in estimating the price to install a vinyl fence in your backyard.

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Price to Install a Full Vinyl Fence

While the final price differs for every single project and homeowner, we can at least provide you an estimate for your new fence installation.

Two common yard sizes around which we install fences are an eighth acre and a quarter of an acre. On average, an eighth acre of lawn requires approximately 150 linear feet of fencing, while a quarter of an acre requires 300 linear feet of fence.

White vinyl privacy fence dividing two yards

Find out the price to install your new vinyl fence – or leave the math to us and give us a call! The best way to learn your exact PVC fence cost is ALWAYS to contact us for a FREE quote.

How much does vinyl fence installation cost?

The price of vinyl fence installation can vary greatly, depending on numerous factors including the fence height, style and color. The best way to find out what installation costs is to get a quote!

How long do vinyl fences last?

Vinyl fences are built to withstand the elements and can be expected to last several decades, while requiring minimal maintenance. This very long lifespan is one of the reasons that vinyl fences are considered one of the premier fence materials.

Does a vinyl fence increase property value?

Since vinyl fences both serve a practical purpose and are an attractive luxury item, they are highly sought after by homebuyers. As a result, installing a vinyl fence can absolutely increase your property value on the open market.

What is the cheapest type of fence to install?

Generally, the cheapest fence materials are chain link and certain wood options. However, the specific price for fence installation depends on a few factors so it is always best to get a price from a local fence contractor.

Vinyl Fence Expert Serving Pittsburgh & the Surrounding Area

Now that you have an idea of what a PVC or vinyl fence costs, you can start budgeting and planning exactly what you want. Whether you like the classic look of white vinyl picket fences or you need the full coverage of a privacy fence, Freedom Fence & Railing is the team to trust.

We install a wide variety of fencing throughout Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. We set ourselves apart from other fence contractors by offering a huge selection of deluxe products – and by offering FREE at-home consultations. Start the conversation today!

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