Most Attractive Fences: Top 5 Picks for 2022

Blog » Outdoor Style » Most Attractive Fences: Top 5 Picks for 2022

Most Attractive Fences: Top 5 Picks for 2022
Blog » Outdoor Style » Most Attractive Fences: Top 5 Picks for 2022

Most Attractive Fences: Top 5 Picks for 2022

When you care for your curb appeal, you like to enhance it every way you can. In recent years, yard fences have become a key stylistic accent that homeowners use to inject unique colors and interesting aesthetics into their outdoor spaces. If you’re looking for a fence that delivers both stunning visuals as well as practicality, Freedom Fence has you covered. Explore our top 5 choices for the most attractive fences of 2022!

At Freedom Fence & Railing, we’re a Pittsburgh fence installer that builds fences for style as well as yard security. Since we use a wide range of different styles and materials, we install a truly diverse range of fences. Here are our choices for the most attractive fences!

Most attractive fence


Most Beautiful Fences

Compared to a weather-beaten, worn-out old fence, any new option will look absolutely amazing. However, these fences go above and beyond when it comes to bringing a striking visual style to your home. Check out the most beautiful fences, in no particular order!


5 Most Beautiful Fences for 2022
Most beautiful fence
  1. White and Tan Vinyl Fence – Made for a poolside retreat, these two-tone privacy fences are tall and gorgeous. The color combination between the white vinyl frame and the tan privacy panel is absolutely eye-catching. This white and tan aesthetic matches very well to some of the most common home siding and trim colors. On top of the color shades, the ornamental top rail also adds extra flair to an already outstanding fence, making this an easy choice as one of the most attractive fences.
Most attractive brown aluminum fence
  1. Brown Aluminum FenceAluminum fences are a favorite thanks to their sleek style and heavy-duty durability. While aluminum fences are often seen in black, there are so many different color options you can select. This brown aluminum color adds a richness to the fence that allows it to fit nicely in numerous styles of outdoor décor. Plus, this fence will stay beautiful without you needing to lift a finger. Due to the advantages of aluminum, this style has a 50+ year lifespan, meaning you never need to worry about cleaning or maintaining it!
Most beautiful wood fence
  1. Cedar Privacy Fence – This may not be the most practical fence we profile here, but the looks alone certainly secure it a spot on any list of the most beautiful fences. Looking amazing up close and from a distance, the authentic cedar wood has a truly distinct look that only real wood grain can provide. Since the cedar wood is a natural product, every fence is one-of-a-kind. However, that real wood material won’t last as long or have the maintenance-free qualities of other manmade fence materials.
beautiful vinyl fence
  1. Vinyl Horse Fence – A take on the classic post and rail farm fence – but made in modern vinyl. With a distinctly rustic style, this vinyl horse fence is a fantastic choice for both homes and pastures alike. This style of fences come with a faux wood grain that simulates some of the qualities of a true wooden fence. However, since the fence is made with vinyl, you can count on it to last for decades without needing serious maintenance!
attractive fence for spring
  1. Curved Top Gray Fence – The final entry in our list of the most beautiful fences, this model earns its place due to its color scheme and its shape. The gray and white two-tone style has a truly elegant look and handsomely matches some of the most common home siding color choices. The arched fence top brings an interesting flair to your yard and makes your fence stand out in a world of flat fences! See more decorative fence top options!


Beautiful Railing Systems to Match

Any of these fences can certainly enhance the look of your backyard. The right railing system for your porch or your deck can have the same effect. While the exact looks may differ, there are countless styles that bring a luxurious ambience to your outdoor living space. From regal black aluminum railings to ultra-modern all glass railings there are countless great options!


Get Quotes on Any of These Attractive Fences

There’s no question that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, we’re confident that you’ll find at least one of our picks for the most attractive fence as stunning as we do. If you want to bring any of these fences to your yard, the first step is an at-home consultation with our fence. Not only can they help you select the perfect design, but they will take measurements and get you ap rice to take care of everything!

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