Railing Designs for Porches, Decks, and Stairs

Blog » Outdoor Style » Railing Designs for Porches, Decks, and Stairs

Railing Designs for Porches, Decks, and Stairs
Blog » Outdoor Style » Railing Designs for Porches, Decks, and Stairs

Railing Designs for Porches, Decks, and Stairs

Most homeowners don’t think twice about their deck railings, but savvy outdoor designers know better. A stylish railing on your deck, porch, or staircase can be the touch that pulls the entire space together. The best railing designs deliver the much-needed safety of a railing system – with a striking look that enhances the entire aesthetic.

At Freedom Fence and Railing, we install the high-quality pieces that complete yards and outdoor living spaces throughout Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding areas. To kickstart your planning process, we’re showcasing some of our favorite railing designs and breaking down the traits that make them such standouts. Keep reading to see more – or reach out to our team to get your quote!

Modern curved balcony railing design


Different Residential Railing Systems Profiled

There are a huge variety of fantastic properties that need the safety and style that railings deliver. That’s why we’re highlighting vastly residential railing systems – from traditional to very modern. Find your favorite right here:



Location: Ground-Level Deck

Railing Type: Aluminum

Unique Feature: Curved Deck and Curved Railing

Project Overview: This railing design brings another layer to an already gorgeous new deck. The simple and modern aluminum railing is the perfect choice to define this sundeck without distracting from it. By matching the curves in the design with the railing, it adds an extra visual dimension to this amazing backyard space.


Modern Railing System  

Location: 3-Level Outdoor Living Estate

Railing Type: Glass

Unique Feature: EVERYTHING!

Project Overview: This residential railing system goes above and beyond what most people think is possible! Used on the upper balcony, main deck, staircase, and lower area, the glass railing visually unifies all of these different spaces with a gorgeous style-forward design. Plus, the fully-see through glass railing ensures that the gorgeous views stay intact everywhere.

See more modern deck railings.


Traditional Railing System  

traditional white spindles for porch railing

Location: Front Porch

Railing Type: Vinyl

Unique Feature: The faux-wooden beading and design of the balusters

Project Overview: Oftentimes, the wooden railing in a traditional porch starts to rot and looks rough, and it can also become unsafe. This residential railing system provides a very similar aesthetic to a classic wooden railing, with the modern advantages of being made of vinyl. The circular shape and beading help this railing tie in naturally to the traditional front porch.


Beach Style Contemporary Railing System  

White vinyl railing on deck and outdoor staircase

Location: Elevated Deck and Staircase

Railing Type: Vinyl

Unique Feature: The deck railing matching the stair railings

Project Overview: This raised deck is ready to be the centerpiece of countless backyard parties! From a color standpoint, this white vinyl railing is the perfect complement to the light-colored deck and vinyl siding. The elegantly clean and simple railing design gives this space a look that is contemporary, with a timeless quality as well.


Enjoy Maintenance-Free Convenience

Despite all of these different styles of the pieces we profiled today, the railings are all essentially maintenance-free and will last for decades. This means that you’ll never need to worry about them rusting, rotting, or falling apart. Plus, you’ll never need to spend long days painting or staining them to try to get a few more years out of them. This makes any of these materials a smart time-saving upgrade from basic wooden railings. All 4 of these residential railing systems are able to achieve this because vinyl, aluminum, and glass are all ultra-resilient materials.

Vinyl and glass deck railing

Find the best railing material for you!


Get Quotes on Your Railing Design Today

We love working with homeowners who see their new residential railing system as an opportunity – not just a necessity. These 4 projects are just a small fraction of what we can build with you. The first step is to work with our team to find your perfect material and to create a design that satisfies both your practical and stylistic requirements.

Get started by having a conversation with our experts. Not only can we discuss all of your options with you, but we’ll take the measurements and get you a price to take care of everything. Reach out to request an in-home consultation right now!

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