Are Invisible Fences Good for Dogs?

Blog » Safety » Are Invisible Fences Good for Dogs?

Are Invisible Fences Good for Dogs?
Blog » Safety » Are Invisible Fences Good for Dogs?

Are Invisible Fences Good for Dogs?

Keeping your pup protected is one of your main responsibilities as a caring dog owner. That means ensuring that they are 100% safe, secure, and fully corralled when playing in your yard. While electric fences were once the most popular solution, now lots of pet owners are wondering are invisible fences good for dogs – or are there better options?

At Freedom Fence & Railing, we build a wide range of yard fences for homeowners in the Pittsburgh, PA area. Since we often talk to people about their needs for fencing, we hear a lot of homeowners talk about problems with electric fences. Learn more about whether invisible fences are good for dogs – as well as explore stellar options for stylish and effective invisible fence alternatives!

dog playing in backyard


Problems with Electric Dog Fences You Need to Consider

There are several concerns with relying on an invisible fence to keep your fur-ever friend safely in their yard. These downsides range from everything from the negative impact it can have on your dog to the product just not being that effective. These are the most important problems with electric dog fences to keep in mind:

  • Electric Fences Can Stress Out and Hurt Dogs – Ultimately invisible fences work by using pain or discomfort to try to make your dog respect the boundaries of your yard. While the voltage may be low, you are still using an electric shock on your beloved pet. In particular, sensitive dogs may experience stress from this.
  • Dogs Can Still Escape – Ultimately, if your dog is motivated enough, it can run right through the electric shock and wind up in danger. That’s why the best fence alternative for dogs will always be a solid traditional fence.
  • Electric Fences Don’t Keep Other Animals Out – Another problem with electric dog fences is that they don’t do anything to keep other animals out of your yard. Other dogs and wild animals can pose a danger to your dog in your yard. That’s just another reason to consider an invisible fence alternative designed with safety in mind.
  • Dogs Can Still See Out – For some very vigilant pups, seeing other dogs in neighboring yards or walking with their owners can cause serious frustration and aggravation. Many times, the best way to keep them from barking at every passing dog is to put up a privacy fence so that those other pups stay out of sight and out of mind. This is also a good solution for puppy parents also wondering, “Are bark collars bad for dogs?”.


Effective Invisible Fence Alternatives for Dogs

If you’re questioning if invisible fences are good for dogs and want another option, the good news is you have plenty of other solutions. We have years of experience replacing electric fences with humane and attractive invisible fence alternatives for dogs. Ultimately, the simplest solution of building an attractive, traditional yard fence is still the best answer on the market.

All three of these fences will enhance your home curb appeal while protecting your precious pooch in their yard:

Vinyl Privacy Fence – One of the best invisible fence alternatives just so happens to be one of the most popular fences across the country. With a classically clean style, vinyl privacy fences are tall enough to keep even the biggest dogs safely corralled where they belong. On top of that, vinyl fences are ultra-low maintenance, meaning they’ll last a lifetime, while only ever needing to be washed with soap and water.

vinyl fenced yard for home with dogs


Wooden Privacy Fence – If your home would look better with a striking rustic fence instead, let us introduce you to our lines of wooden privacy fences. Just like vinyl fences, wood privacy options block the line of sight into your yard and are tough enough to prevent any rambunctious pup from escaping. However, the natural wooden beauty does come at a price, as wooden fences will need re-staining to continue to look and perform their best. See more of the most popular wooden privacy fence styles.

Wooden privacy fence alternative to electric dog fence


Vinyl and Aluminum Hybrid Fence – This fence provides a truly eye-catching style, backed with all the practical advantages to make it an ideal invisible fence alternative for dogs. These ultra-stylish two-tone fences feature a solid vinyl privacy panel secured by a sturdy aluminum frame. Since both materials qualify as ultra-low maintenance, you can count on this fence to look beautiful for decades to come, while providing the protection you need.

Hybrid fence for pet protection in yard


If any of these invisible fence alternatives caught your eye, we’d love to get you a quote to build it for you. However, if you still have questions or want to see even more options, our team can give you more information on whether invisible fences are good for dogs and provide you with a full design consultation.

Reach out now to see more styles or to get your free quotes!

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