Wood Fences vs Vinyl Fences: A Point-By-Point Comparison

Blog » Project Planning » Wood Fences vs Vinyl Fences: A Point-By-Point Comparison

Wood Fences vs Vinyl Fences: A Point-By-Point Comparison
Blog » Project Planning » Wood Fences vs Vinyl Fences: A Point-By-Point Comparison

Wood Fences vs Vinyl Fences: A Point-By-Point Comparison

Privacy, style, and an all-around attractive look – wood and vinyl are two of the most classic fences on the market. Most homeowners find themselves comparing these two fence materials when they’re looking for a practical fence that enhances their curb appeal – particularly if they need privacy, too. Both options are great – and that’s why we proudly install them both. However, you only need one, so that’s why we’re comparing wood fences vs vinyl fences in today’s blog.

At Freedom Fence & Railing, we’re a Pittsburgh fence installer that installs all of the most popular fences and leaves your yard just as beautiful as when we first arrive for installation. We’re not just focused on gorgeous finished products though – we’re also dedicated to helping our customers make the most informed decision. That’s why we’re doing a point-by-point breakdown of wood fences vs vinyl fences!


Should I Get a Vinyl or Wood Fence?

The fence you choose depends on what factors matter most to you and the look you like best. When deciding between a vinyl or wood fence, there are different advantages of each to consider. Let’s break down the differences:



wood fence vs vinyl fence comparison

A nosy neighbor who wants to see what’s going on in your yard can rob your backyard oasis of that peaceful and serene feeling you love so much. This is where a privacy fence becomes such an important factor in your yard. Good news: both vinyl and wood privacy fences are equally good at protecting your privacy. You can choose from wooden and vinyl fences that are tall and have 100% non-see-through panels for the ultimate answer to privacy.

Advantage: Tie



Maintenance Needs 

two toned vinyl privacy fence

When we install either a vinyl or wood fence, it will look immaculate and beautiful. Keeping it looking as good as the day it was built is another matter. Wooden fences require some maintenance, including repainting, re-staining, sealing, and removing rot and mold. Since vinyl is a naturally weatherproof material, vinyl fences don’t require ANY serious maintenance. If they ever look dirty, simply wash them off with dish soap and your garden hose.

Advantage: Vinyl Fences


Keeping Dogs Corralled 

Vinyl vs wood fence for pet control

If you have a new pup who has a hard time staying in the boundaries of your yard, a fence is a great solution. Either a vinyl or a wood fence will be equally effective at keeping big and small pooches in their own domain. More important than a specific fence material is the design and construction, ensuring they are tall enough and without wide gaps that a slender pup could shimmy through. The same traits that make for a winning privacy fence also work for the best dog fences.

Advantage: Tie


Upfront Price 

wooden fence gate that is affordable

When comparing wood fences vs vinyl fences here, the upfront answer is that a basic wooden fence will generally cost a little less to start with. However, there is more to the answer than that. Since a vinyl fence can last longer than what a wooden fence might, you’ll more than likely get many more years of performance for your money with vinyl. If you’re only expecting to be in your current house for a few more years, you’ll end up saving with wood. However, if you’re planning to live there for a significant amount of time, vinyl is the better overall value.

Advantage: Wood Fences



white vinyl picket fence in backyard with patio

Like we mentioned, vinyl fences have an incredibly long lifespan compared to wood. Our elite vinyl fences last 50+ years while looking fantastic and providing the same performance throughout. This longevity comes from the fact that heavy-duty vinyl is 100% immune to all of the rot, mold, and rust that destroys other fences.

Advantage: Vinyl Fences

When deciding on vinyl or wood fences, the majority of our customers choose vinyl – mostly for their super long lifespan and overall value. However, both options are gorgeous and will protect and enhance the look of your yard!


Get Prices on Both Wood & Vinyl Fences

One of the other ways to choose between wood fences vs vinyl fences is to get quotes on each one. If you’re interested, the next step is to schedule an in-home consultation with one of our experts. They’ll be able to give you more insight on each style, measure your yard, and give you the price quote to take care of everything.

Reach out right now to schedule with us!

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