The Best Time to Buy a Fence (HINT: It’s Not When You Think!)

Blog » Project Planning » The Best Time to Buy a Fence (HINT: It’s Not When You Think!)

The Best Time to Buy a Fence (HINT: It’s Not When You Think!)
Blog » Project Planning » The Best Time to Buy a Fence (HINT: It’s Not When You Think!)

The Best Time to Buy a Fence (HINT: It’s Not When You Think!)

There’s no wrong time to get the stylish and secure fencing you need. However, in-the-know professionals and homeowners do say that there is a best time of year to install a fence. While you might not expect it, if you live in PA, the best time to buy a fence is over the winter! Any skilled fence crew will be able to install year-round, and there are several smart benefits that come from buying in the off-season.

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At Freedom Fence & Railing, we’re a Pittsburgh fence installer that installs year-round for our customers. As long as the ground isn’t frozen solid, we’re more than happy to build the high-quality fencing you need. Keep reading to see why winter is the best time to buy a fence in PA – and reach out to our team to get a quote!


Winter: The Best Time of Year to Install a Fence in PA

By far, spring and summer are the most popular times for buying a new fence. However, the best time of year to install a fence is over the winter. These are the key reasons that savvy homeowners prefer to have their new fence built during the colder months:


What makes winter the best time to install a fence?
  1. Shorter Turnaround Time – Since there will be overall less demand over the winter for fencing materials, you’ll be able to schedule your install for whenever you want. You can use this priority scheduling to dramatically cut down on your wait time – or schedule for when you’ll be out of town! Since the experts at Freedom Fence can be quite in-demand over the summer, homeowners are excited to hear just how quick the turnaround time can be to get the fence they need during the winter!
  2. Have Your Fence in Time for Outdoor Fun – By getting all of your fencing necessities taken care of before you truly need it, you can guarantee that by the time warm weather is here, your yard will be ready! This can be very significant for homeowners waiting to get a privacy fence to enjoy their swimming pool. Since taking care of this over the winter gives you maximum convenience and peace of mind, it truly is the best time to buy a fence.
  3. Christmastime Pups are Protected – Since so many people choose to bring a fur-ever family member home for Christmas, it makes sense that getting a fence during the winter is a great idea. That way your rambunctious young pup won’t have to wait to explore their new yard! See the best backyard dog fence ideas.
  4. Landscaping is Easier in the Winter – The final reason that winter is the best time of year to install a fence concerns your landscaping. Since most people do their landscaping in the springtime, having your fence installed before you start landscaping makes the entire process easier. This gives you the full ability to plan your landscaping and plant around your fence if you should want to. When you have a fence installed mid-season, you don’t have that same level of flexibility.


However, we want you to rest assured that when you trust Freedom Fence to work in your yard, we will be careful around your landscaping and leave your yard in the same condition as when we got there!

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The Perfect Time for New Railings

Not only is winter the best time of year to install a fence, but it may also be the best time for new railings, too. Whether your deck, porch, or stairs needs an updated railing system, the cold months might be the perfect opportunity. Once again, the turnaround time in winter is low – and if you buy then, you’ll have the railings by the time you want to use your outdoor living space!

At Freedom Fence and Railing, we offer a wide range of materials for railing designs including vinyl, aluminum, and glass. All of our railing choices are ultra-low-maintenance or completely maintenance-free and will never need to be painted or stained like a wooden railing would. Plus, you can count on them to last for a lifetime since they are immune to the rot, mold, and rust that can destroy other railings.

Vinyl fence installation during winter in PA


Trust us for Fence Installation in Every Season

For many savvy homeowners, the best time to buy a fence is over the winter – so that’s what they wait for. At Freedom Fence & Railing, we install in every season. As long as the ground isn’t frozen, our crew will be happy to build for you.

However, if you don’t want to wait for your new fence or railing, we offer competitive prices all year long! Reach out right now to consult with our team and to get your quote today!

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