Fences on a Budget That Look Like Luxury

Blog » Project Planning » Fences on a Budget That Look Like Luxury

Fences on a Budget That Look Like Luxury
Blog » Project Planning » Fences on a Budget That Look Like Luxury

Fences on a Budget That Look Like Luxury

With the average cost of a fence ranging from $4,000-$10,000, it’s easy to understand why homeowners everywhere are searching for cheap types of fences for their properties. The good news is: there are PLENTY of stunning budget fences and gates that you can have installed all year round!

The experts at Freedom Fence & Railing have proudly put together a guide covering all kinds of fences on a budget so you can find one that’s the perfect style, size, and price for your needs.

Keep reading to discover the vinyl, wood, and chain link budget-friendly fencing options – or contact our PA fencing contractors today to get a personalized free quote!


Cheap Types of Fences for Every Budget

Even though you’re looking for a cheap type of fence, that doesn’t mean you want something that is going to look like it was bought for a bargain. The perfect budget privacy fences are ones that marry gorgeous, low-maintenance style with an affordable price tag – fortunately, at Freedom Fence & Railing, that’s what we specialize in! When shopping for cheap types of fences, remember to consider these few key features to ensure quality and avoid scams:

Things to keep in mind when choosing a fence
  1. Material: We can’t stress enough the importance of investing in the right fence material! Common budget-friendly fences are built from wood, chain link, or vinyl – each type requires its own level of maintenance, so choose carefully!
  2. Projected lifespan: A $1,000 fence that needs to be replaced in 1 year is going to end up costing you more money than a $5,000 fence that lasts 25+ years. Although choosing a long-lasting fence may be more expensive upfront, it’s likely going to save you the headache, hassle and cost of replacing or maintaining a cheaper type of fence. Learn more about how long a fence lasts here!
  3. Grade & height: Sometimes when trying to cut costs, homeowners will opt to get a shorter or lower-grade fence material than what they originally wanted. As professional fence installers from PA, we strongly recommend that you don’t sacrifice in these areas, even when shopping for fences on a budget! Cutting back on height will not give you the seclusion you need, plus – there are plenty of budget privacy fences that will check all your boxes!


Budget Privacy Fences

When you think privacy fence designs, think solid vinyl or wooden panels! These sturdy budget privacy fences create total seclusion for often less than the average price of aluminum fences. With so many styles and colors available, you’re sure to find a budget privacy fence that falls within your preferred price tag and personal style. Here are a few of the budget-friendly fences our customers are loving right now:


Wooden Shadowbox Fence

cheap types of wooden shadowbox fences

When shopping for fences on a budget, a shadowbox design is one of the most affordable wooden options you’ll find! With alternating pickets that create a layered look, this cheap type of fence is not only cost-effective, but also super stylish.


Solid Vinyl

budget friendly privacy fence in white vinyl

Let us introduce you to one of the budget-friendly fences that look like true luxury…solid vinyl privacy fencing! The classic style and maintenance-free materials make them one of the best fences on a budget. See more vinyl fence styles and designs here!


Traditional Chain Link

chain link budget fence and gate ideas

We know what you may be thinking, “I thought this blog was about budget-friendly fences that looked like luxury…why is chain link fencing featured?”. In the twenty-first century, chain link fences have elevated their appearance to include some truly beautiful designs, like the one pictured below! These modern materials create a budget fence and gate pairing that serves both function and beauty. Learn more about modern chain link fencing styles on our website.


Wood Panels

wooden fences on a budget for privacy

A fence as old as time and as classic as apple pie, wooden panels are not only a cheap type of fencing material, but one that is also easy to install yourself! Thinking of DIY-ing your new fence? Read our recent article for all the things you should know about installing a fence BEFORE you get started!

No matter if you have a specific style or budget in mind or you don’t quite have your exact vision nailed down yet, Freedom Fence & Railing is happy to assist you with an in-home consultation and price estimate if you live within our service area. Property owners in PA and surrounding areas may benefit from our installation of fences on a budget. Contact us today to learn more or schedule your appointment!


Budget Fence and Gates

budget friendly vinyl fences and gates

Budget fences and gates go hand in hand. Nearly any of the cheap types of fences mentioned in this blog are able to be installed with access gates at various points of your property! Gates are important for both providing access to a backyard, as well as providing a barrier to keep animals or intruders out. If you are interested in pairing a budget fence and gate, we’d again encourage you to reach out to our professional contractors today for a free quote!


PA Homeowners – Explore Budget-Friendly Fences at FFR!

Freedom Fence & Railing is here to help PA homeowners explore all their fencing options – on any budget. We believe that everyone deserves peace of mind and privacy in their home which is why we are proud to carry a handful of beautiful budget fences and gates! Contact our professional team of contractors to learn more about fences on a budget or how to have one installed on your own property today.

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