Fence Etiquette: What to Know & How to Talk to Neighbors

Blog » Project Planning » Fence Etiquette: What to Know & How to Talk to Neighbors

Fence Etiquette: What to Know & How to Talk to Neighbors
Blog » Project Planning » Fence Etiquette: What to Know & How to Talk to Neighbors

Fence Etiquette: What to Know & How to Talk to Neighbors

Building a new fence around your property can make you feel safer in your yard as well as enhance your home’s unique style. However, in order for good fences to make good neighbors, there are a few elements of fence etiquette you may want to address before you start building.

At Freedom Fence & Railing, we’re a fence installer that serves the Pittsburgh, PA area. Not only do we build attractive fences, but we also work to educate our potential customers about everything that goes along with building a new fence. Reach out to our team right now to get a quote – or keep reading to see the key points of fence etiquette that you should keep in mind:

Fence for neighboring yards


  • Make Sure Your Property Lines are Correct – Not only is it good fence etiquette, but it is a legal requirement, too. If you accidentally build a fence on your neighbor’s property, you may be required to pay to move it.
  • Inform Your Neighbors – As a good neighbor, this is common courtesy. Letting your neighbor know you’ll be doing work between your houses is the polite thing to do – and sometimes neighbors choose to share the cost of the fence. Keep reading to download our sample letter you can send to your neighbors about this.
  • Make Sure the Correct Side Faces Out – While some fences – like our vinyl and aluminum fences – look identical on both sides, others don’t. On some wooden fences there is a “good” side and an unfinished side. Make sure the good side faces outward towards the neighbors.
  • Keep the Fence in Attractive Condition –This piece of fence etiquette is relevant after the fence has been installed. If you have a wooden fence that will require maintenance, it’s respectful to keep the condition looking attractive.


Download Our Sample Letter to a Neighbor about a New Fence

industrial aluminum fence

Broaching the subject of a new fence with a neighbor doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. In fact, some neighbors share the cost of a new fence between their properties.  However, if you want some help starting the conversation, check out our sample letter to a neighbor about a new fence.

Download Here:

We hope the sample letter to a neighbor about a new fence makes you feel confident to get started on your fence project. By working together with a neighbor, you can both save a little money on the project – and ensure that there are no bad feelings whatsoever. In addition, by coordinating the fence installation, you can coordinate the style for something attractive that will impress the entire neighborhood. Not only is this good fence etiquette with your neighbor but it can make the whole project smoother and even more affordable.

Learn more about our favorite affordable fence options.


Most Popular Fence Styles to Consider

Backyard privacy with fence for neighbors

Like we mentioned in the sample letter to a neighbor about a new fence, you have several fantastic options for a new fence. These are the most popular options you’ll want to consider:

Wood Fences – The classic material, wooden fences have a great rustic style and often come at a cheaper price point. However, a wooden fence will require re-staining to prevent mold and to keep it looking its best.

Vinyl Fences – Vinyl fences are a great option as they possess the tried-and-true suburban style and ample privacy options. Plus, vinyl fences only need to be washed with soap and water to look good as new – and they’ll last a lifetime.

Aluminum Fences – This modern style of luxury fence provides gorgeous looks and is completely maintenance-free! Just like vinyl fences, you can count on an aluminum fence to last a lifetime.

Now that you know all about neighborly fence etiquette, you’re ready to move forward. The next step is finalizing your fence choice and getting a price to bring it home. When you’re ready to get started, our team is standing by to help.

Reach out today to discuss your options – and to get your price quote!

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