Backyard Dog Fence Ideas & Designs

Blog » Project Planning » Backyard Dog Fence Ideas & Designs

Backyard Dog Fence Ideas & Designs
Blog » Project Planning » Backyard Dog Fence Ideas & Designs

Backyard Dog Fence Ideas & Designs

You want to protect your dog, and your dog wants to protect you. But finding that balance of protection and freedom for our pets have always been a challenging feat. The best bet to keep your pooch free to roam and totally safe is a great backyard dog fence.

We’ve put our brains together at Freedom Fence to compile our list of best dog fence ideas that are affordable, safe, AND beautiful. Continue reading to discover our top picks and your best dog fence designs and options.

Dog playing inside fenced backyard


The Best Backyard Dog Fence for Your Needs

For those who are fortunate enough to have a home accompanied by a spacious yard, a properly-equipped backyard dog fence is a must! And with so many options, colors, materials, and models available on the market today, it can be hard to choose the one that both matches the style of your house and protects your pup.

Thankfully, the experts at Freedom Fence have plenty of experience with fences – and with dogs. Without further ado, let’s get into our list of BEST dog fence designs.


Aluminum dog fence ideas:

Aluminum dog fence idea for backyard with pool

Let’s face it – young puppies and adult dogs can double as fantastic escape artists — its just one of their many amazing talents. They accomplish this through many actions like going under, over, or through a fence. If one of your biggest fears as a pet owner is your dog breaking out and running into a busy nearby street, then an aluminum fence is the one to choose.

Often times, a big dog is also a strong dog – so height isn’t the only thing you need to think about before purchasing your backyard dog fence. Aluminum is a material famous for its strength which means even the biggest, most aggressive dogs won’t be able to bite, push, or tear through it!

Our aluminum dog fence designs can be custom tailored to accommodate for dogs who jump or dogs who dig. While a standard 6-foot tall fence is enough for most, Freedom Fence also offers astounding 8-foot tall options too.

In addition to being a strong choice to keep your dog safe, aluminum backyard fences are one of the most elegant-looking fencing options out there!

Aluminum fences may be best for:

  • Dogs who jump or dig
  • Big dogs
  • Aggressive dogs


Vinyl dog fence ideas:

Vinyl backyard dog fence idea

For some pups, the best dog fence design is one that keeps the world at bay. Because of their side-by-side panels and solid sound resistance, vinyl privacy fences are great for those dogs that get loud at passing cars, animals, or people. Unlike chain-link or aluminum, there are no gaps within the fence. This means that your dog won’t be able to see out – and strangers won’t be able to see in!

A vinyl privacy fence has furthermore proven to be the dog fence idea best suited for any dog you’d consider to be a “climber”. Aside from its climb-proof nature, vinyl is also super low-maintenance — which makes it easy for you to own!

For the month of May only, save 10% on a vinyl yard fence from Freedom! Get a free online quote from our experts today.

Vinyl privacy fences may be best for:

  • Dogs that bark at other dogs or people
  • Aggressive dogs
  • Small or skinny dogs (so they can’t squeeze in between pickets)


Wooden dog fence ideas:

Wooden dog fence in backyard

A wooden picket fence is like the golden retriever of the fence world – classic, timeless, and all-American!

Freedom Fence offers wooden dog fences in picket, privacy, and post rail styles. The material is highly economical, but it’s important to note that if you prefer the picket style fence, the slats should be close enough together to keep your small pup from squeezing in between them. While post rail styles may boast a beautiful style, they aren’t the best dog fences.

Wood is that one natural material that adds organic beauty to your backyard while also keeping your dog safe. But one of our favorite things about wooden fences is the customization. Pairing your ideal fence height, with a unique design, stain, or style is seamless. Plus, wooden fences are a budget friendly-material compared to vinyl and aluminum.

We offer a variety of wood options so you can build a backyard dog fence that serves your needs!

Wooden fences may be best for:

  • Dogs who jump or dig
  • Dogs that bark at other dogs or people
  • Young puppies


Planning & Designing Your Dog Fence

Nobody understands your dog’s desire for freedom quite like Freedom Fence. And while you want to give him/her the world, it likely isn’t the safest. That’s why we say let your pup run free in his domain by allowing our team to install the best backyard dog fence!

Sorting through dog fence ideas can be a daunting task – but we want to help make it easier on you. Start today by speaking with our team and setting up a time to get advice and an estimate, free of charge!

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