5 True Signs of a Trusted Residential Fence Company

Blog » Project Planning » 5 True Signs of a Trusted Residential Fence Company

5 True Signs of a Trusted Residential Fence Company
Blog » Project Planning » 5 True Signs of a Trusted Residential Fence Company

5 True Signs of a Trusted Residential Fence Company

When selecting a residential fence company, it’d be great if you had a crystal ball to tell you how the job is going to turn out. After all, it could save you a lot of headache – not to mention thousands of dollars on a subpar residential fence installation.

Although there is no true way to tell the future, knowing what signs and traits to look for in a residential fence installer can help you pick the right one and ensure installation goes smoothly.

In today’s blog, we’re discussing 5 true signs of a trusted residential fence company, so you know exactly what to look for when vetting potential contractors. Keep reading to learn more – or contact Freedom Fence and Railing for your free fencing estimate now!

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How Can You Tell If a Residential Fence Installer Will Do a Good Job?

Once you’ve found the perfect fence style and color you want, it’s time to find a residential fence contractor you can trust with the job. Whether your property is evenly flat or slightly sloped, the team you trust to install your fence is possibly the most important decision in your backyard safety!

As an expert fence and railing company in Pittsburgh, PA, here are our suggestions for signs of a trusted residential fence company:

5 Signs of a Trustworthy Residential Fence Installer
  1. They Have a History of Excellence: A little history goes a long way. Aside from how long the company has been in business for, it’s a good idea to find out how they’ve been doing business. Do they have outstanding 5-star reviews? How is their reputation?
  2. They Have Proof to Back It Up: You wouldn’t buy a car without seeing photos of it first, so why would you hire a residential fence contractor without seeing photos of their work? A trusted residential fence company will have dozens of high-quality photos to share with you – in fact, they’re probably HAPPY to show you!
  3. THEY Cater to YOU – You’ll know a company isn’t motivated to help you when they aren’t accommodating from the start. With a reliable fence installer, like Freedom Fence and Railing, they’ll offer in-home consultations and free quotes for your convenience. In most cases, they’ll even help you in the design process, making sure you find the best colored fence for your house’s style.
  4. They Clean Up Their Messes – The last thing you want after days of a disturbed yard is a mess that YOU have to clean up. Any good residential fencing company will remove excess dirt and leave your yard looking better than it was before!
  5. They Offer a Great Warranty – Whether it’s for their products or their craftsmanship, a residential fence company that stands behind their work is one that you can trust working with.

Residential Fence Contractors Serving PA

At Freedom Fence and Railing, we’re so much more than just residential fence contractors! We take pride in bringing our people-first mentality to all the services in Pennsylvania we offer including deck railing, porch safety and total property fencing.

Our mission is to give every customer a personalized and stress-free experience, no matter the budget or location of the project. With years of experience and limited lifetime warranties on most products, we’re sure you’ll see why hundreds of happy customers give us excellent ratings!

Learn more about the residential yard fencing types we offer and how to get started.

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Get a Residential Fence Quote Today!

Don’t be afraid to ask your residential fence company candidates about the key traits we talked about today. It’s time you (and your property) get the quality attention and service you deserve. It’s time to contact Freedom Fence and Railing!

Get a free in-home fencing or railing quote when you contact us through our website or by phone.

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