Most Popular Wood Privacy Fence Styles

Blog » Privacy » Most Popular Wood Privacy Fence Styles

Most Popular Wood Privacy Fence Styles
Blog » Privacy » Most Popular Wood Privacy Fence Styles

Most Popular Wood Privacy Fence Styles

Privacy and seclusion can turn a pretty backyard into one of your absolute favorite places to spend time. Knowing you can talk, lounge, and hangout without having to worry about an overly-curious neighbor is a simple pleasure most homeowners don’t think about – until they get a great privacy fence, that is. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting the in-demand wood privacy fence styles that homeowners love – while sharing the honest pros and cons!

At Freedom Fence & Railing, we install a wide range of fences throughout the greater Pittsburgh, PA region. Not only are we known for our quality work in the field, but also for providing the guidance that helps you make the right choice for your yard and your budget. Keep reading to see the leading wood privacy fence styles – or reach out right now to get your free quote!

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Our Main Wooden Fence Types

The original fencing material, wood is still a great and stylish option for privacy fences in neighborhoods all across the USA. While there are many wooden fence types, today we’re only focusing on effective privacy options. The two main styles you’ll see are the standard pressure-treated wood privacy fences and cedar privacy fences.


Pressure-Treated Wood Privacy Fence

Classic and simple, this wooden fence type is the most budget-friendly fence choice that still provides exceptional privacy. However, this fence type does require more maintenance and will need to be replaced after about 15 years of ownership.

✔️ The single most cost-effective privacy option

✔️ Panels are tall and completely block line of sight

✔️ Can be painted or stained to change color


❌ The inside of the fence will look “unfinished” as it needs to have cross pieces

❌ Will require regular maintenance to keep from rotting

❌ Much shorter lifespan compared to vinyl and aluminum fence options

What Makes the Best Wood Fence?


Cedar Privacy Fence

The next tier of wooden privacy fence styles, cedar wood has several natural advantages that make it a more durable material better suited for years outdoors. In addition, cedar also has uniquely attractive properties that make it the only choice for some outdoor decorators.


✔️ Gorgeous cedar color and aesthetic

✔️ Cedar wood is more naturally resistant to bugs and rot

✔️ Tall fence panels are extremely effective for privacy

✔️ Has a “shadowbox” style so that both the inside and outside of the fence look finished



❌ Shorter lifespan of deluxe materials like aluminum and vinyl

❌ Cedar will require some maintenance

❌ Higher price tag that is comparable to vinyl fencing

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The Vinyl Privacy Option

If you’re considering going with a cedar privacy fence for your backyard, you may be surprised to learn it’s about the same price as a vinyl privacy fence. While cedar is certainly a gorgeous option, vinyl is a truly maintenance free material and is worth considering. Here are some key advantages to keep in mind about vinyl:

✔️ Vinyl fences last 50+ years

✔️ Will never require being re-painted or re-stained, and can be cleaned with soap and water

✔️ The ultra-tall fence panels are some of the most effective at keeping your yard private

✔️ Vinyl provides a clean and elegant style that is right for many houses

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Get Quotes on Wood Privacy Fence Styles & More 

If you’re ready to turn your backyard into a true personal oasis with a privacy fence, the team at Freedom Fence & Railing is here to help. If one of these wood privacy fence styles looks perfect to you, we’re happy to get you a quote for the total project. However, if you’re still trying to decide on the right material for your backyard living space, we can discuss the pros and cons further with you.

Whatever you want to do, the first step is to reach out to start the conversation. Contact our team today!

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