6 Foot Privacy Fence for Style & Protection

Blog » Privacy » 6 Foot Privacy Fence for Style & Protection

6 Foot Privacy Fence for Style & Protection
Blog » Privacy » 6 Foot Privacy Fence for Style & Protection

6 Foot Privacy Fence for Style & Protection

Year after year, a 6 foot privacy fence is one of the most popular fence types we install for our customers. When it comes to delivering a combo of yard protection and upscale style, this can’t be beat. Explore why this fence has become such an in-demand choice for homeowners!

At Freedom Fence & Railing, we are best known for installing fences throughout the Pittsburgh area. While we offer a truly wide range of materials like wood and aluminum, a 6 foot privacy made of vinyl is one of the top-sellers every year. See the advantages of this fence, check out the styles and request your quote!


Benefits of a 6 Foot Vinyl Fence

6 foot privacy fence


A 6 foot vinyl fence features a solid privacy panel in a frame that completely blocks out space behind it. There are so many standout benefits of this fence that cause homeowners to bring them home.


Here’s what to like about one of these best-selling fences:
  1. Unbeatable Privacy – There is no better privacy fence on market. If you want to keep your yard secluded and private, this is the best option. These fences are tall and completely impossible to see passed or through. This makes them an ideal choice for pools and other backyard types of backyard oasis. See more pool fence ideas right here!
  2. Hard to Climb – This fence protect your yard from prying eyes, and it safeguards it from intruders. A 6 foot vinyl fence is very difficult to scale or vault over. This comes from both the height and the smooth face, which makes getting a foothold nearly impossible.
  3. Upscale Feel – While these fences may be tough, they are also elegant. The clean look and beautiful design makes this fence a great way to bring an upscale feel to your outdoor décor. The two-tone vinyl fences have a particularly distinguished look that homeowners love.
  4. Great for Dogs – This fence is great for people and pooches alike. When wanting to keep a dog corralled securely in your yard, a 6 foot privacy fence is a stellar choice. Not only will dogs be unable to get over or under the fence, but they also won’t be able to see out into the street either. This can be essential for dogs who become agitated upon seeing other dogs in their neighborhood.
  5. Low Maintenance – These 6 foot vinyl fences tough and beautiful and they are extremely easy to own. You can expect to get 50+ years out of one of these fence without any serious maintenance at all. That means no painting, sealing or staining and you enjoy more than half a century of unbeatable performance.


See 6 Foot Fence Panels Here

Check out a few of our different 6 foot fence panels that you can bring home today:

The different styles give you the opportunity to mix and match the colors, top rails and much more. During your in-home consultation, you’ll have the chance to see even more 6 foot fence panels.


Gert Prices on 6 Foot Privacy Fences

Imagining having one of these tough yet attractive fences around your property? You’re in the right place. If you live anywhere around the Pittsburgh area, Freedom Fence & Railing would love to work with you. The first step is an in-home conversation with our design team. They’ll help you pick out the style you like best, take measurements and get you a price to bring one of these 6 foot privacy fences home!

Reach out right now to request your free consultation!

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