Unique Fences You Can Bring Home Today

Blog » Outdoor Style » Unique Fences You Can Bring Home Today

Unique Fences You Can Bring Home Today
Blog » Outdoor Style » Unique Fences You Can Bring Home Today

Unique Fences You Can Bring Home Today

If nothing about your outdoor décor is ordinary, there’s no reason to compromise now. From total privacy to the safety of your kids and pets, there are countless practical reasons that make getting a new fence absolutely essential. Bottom line, though – no matter what you need them for, you can absolutely find unique fences that will complement the look of your backyard.

At Freedom Fence & Railing, we’re a fence company in the Pittsburgh area that installs a wide range of different models and materials. So, if you’re looking for something different, we can help. Keep reading to explore some of our favorite unique fences – or reach out today to schedule your in-home consultation.

Curved fence top with two toned vinyl


5 Interesting Fence Ideas to Check Out

Once upon a time, white picket fences were your only option – but fence builders have come a long way in terms of creativity and design. More than ever, a standout style is seen as just as important as the practical benefits, and these interesting fence ideas will provide both.


Two-Tone Vinyl Privacy Fence

Colored vinyl fencing for backyards in Pittsburgh PA

These unique fences provide exceptional backyard privacy as well as contemporary style that distinguishes your outdoor décor. These two-tone vinyl privacy fences feature one color for the frame and a contrasting color for the privacy panels. In many cases, this contrast creates a more eye-catching look than a single color can!


Colored Aluminum Fence

Unique tan fencing in Pennsylvania

Aluminum fencing is a great practical option thanks to its 50+ year lifespan and the ultra-low maintenance requirements. Now, the sleek modern style of aluminum comes in a wide range of striking colors. This expanded color palette includes textured bronze, silver, speckled walnut, & more! Pairing the sleek aluminum frame with an unexpectedly beautiful color is certainly one of the most interesting fence ideas most people have seen.

See more aluminum fence colors here.



Split Rail Vinyl Fence

Split rail fence idea for backyard

You might associate split rail fences like these with a countryside farm or cabin on the prairie, but they can be an excellent addition in your own backyard. Just because the originals were cobbled together with timbers doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from the simple maintenance requirements of vinyl. These unique split rail fences feature a range of different looks, from classic white vinyl to a faux-wooden look!


Cedar Privacy Fence

Interesting wood fence for privacy

While faux lumber may be a great option for some, the homeowners who prefer this interesting fence idea love the inherent rustic beauty of real wood. Although there are many different types of wooden fences, cedar privacy fences boast the one-of-a-kind gorgeous red cedar look and a natural resistance to bugs and rot. This is certainly one of the most unique, style-forward ways to bring wooden fencing to your backyard.


Ornate Vinyl Fencing

Decorative fencing for backyard privacy

There’s no question that our two-tone options stand out as interesting fences, but that is just the beginning. For a showstopping privacy fence, you need to see our ornate vinyl fences. Not only do these fences have the two-tone color contrast, but they’re also accessorized with an ornamental top rail. This can look like exposed spears, a little top, or even decorative aluminum bars. With all of the different color and style options, for many people, this represents the ultimate unique fence!


Why We Recommend Aluminum & Vinyl

Chances are you’re committed to having a visually interesting fence accompanying your backyard. We’d never say that outdoor style isn’t a priority – you just want to balance it with low-maintenance benefits.

Both vinyl and aluminum fences are smart choices because both of these materials are extremely easy to own. For example, neither aluminum nor vinyl fences will ever require re-painting, re-staining, or mold removal. However, for the vast majority of wooden fences will require regularly maintaining a solid coat of paint or stain in order to prevent rot and mold.

In addition, even with the best maintenance in the world, a wooden fence won’t be able to match the lifespan of either vinyl or aluminum – which easily exceeds 50 years!

Have questions about price? Learn what a vinyl fence should cost!


Get a Quote on Unique Fences

Did any of these unique fences grab your attention as the perfect addition to your backyard? If so, that’s great – we’d love to work together! However, if you none of these were the right match, we can show you far more interesting fence ideas during our complimentary in-home consultation.

Reach out to Freedom Fence & Railing right now to start the conversation!

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