Two-Color Vinyl Fences

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Two-Color Vinyl Fences
Blog » Outdoor Style » Two-Color Vinyl Fences

Two-Color Vinyl Fences

A single-tone vinyl fence can certainly be an attractive part of your home’s exterior look, but a two-color vinyl fence is a statement piece that can enhance almost any home! This gorgeous style is rapidly earning popularity and there are more color combos than ever. Keep reading as we’re highlighting the leading choices in today’s idea gallery!

At Freedom Fence & Railing, we’re the Pittsburgh vinyl fence installer that has access to the stylish products that homeowners demand. Check out a handful of our favorite two-color vinyl fences and request your in-home consultation!

two color fence made of vinyl


Idea Gallery of Two-Tone Vinyl Fence Panels

In all of our top two-tone vinyl fence panels, the design is created by one color for the panel and a second color for the frame. These full privacy fences can come in a variety of different styles and shapes, all designed to create a practical and eye-catching yard accessory.

These are our favorite two-tone vinyl fence panels:

White and Tan – One of the most beautiful two-color vinyl fences, white and tan is also one of the first dual-tone options we offered. Since white and tan are two of the most common home siding colors, this fence is a fantastic for fit many suburban homes. Plus, this color scheme also pairs well with the tan of an inground pool.

White and Gray – A truly timeless style, these colors combine to make for a fence that matches almost any siding material and any siding color. A very safe stylistic choice, you can never go wrong with white and gay.

Clay and Tan – In a world of white fences, this two-color fence stands out in the best way possible. While our clay and tan vinyl colors are similar in most designs, when you pair them together the contrast is apparent. To make the most of this unique color, this fence looks best when paired with white vinyl siding!

White and Charcoal – A white frame with a charcoal panel makes for an absolutely dramatic two-color vinyl fence. While this isn’t for every taste and every home, when used appropriately it can be stunning. Generally, this style pairs best with modern and contemporary designs.

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Tan and Black – This is the type of fence that can make an already beautiful outdoor living space that much more attractive. There’s just something about this black and tan color scheme that says luxury. The matte black frame pairs well with the light tan panels. Plus, the elegantly rounded fence tops create an interesting visual profile.

Light and Dark Brown – For those who love a rustic look, this fence may be perfect. By pairing a dark brown frame with a lighter panel, it creates an interesting brown style – somewhat reminiscent of a wooden privacy fence. These attractive two-tone vinyl fence panels can be the ideal low-maintenance alternative to a wooden fence.


The Practical Vinyl Advantages

All of these two-tone vinyl fence panels are a stylistic win for your outdoor style! However, every vinyl fence is also a smart practical choice. These synthetic fences have a few key advantages that set them apart from traditional wooden and metal fencing:

modern two tone fence panel
  • Low-Maintenance – A vinyl fence will never need to be painted, stained, sealed, or have any other serious maintenance done to it. All you need to do to keep it looking good is to wash it off occasionally with soap and water. This can be game-changing when compared to what wooden fences need to stay protected.
  • 50+ Year Lifespan – Vinyl fences offer some of the best value for your money. Your new vinyl fence will easily last 50 years, meaning you’ll never need to worry about buying another one. Even the best wooden options typically only last 20 years.

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Get Quotes on Any of These Two-Color Vinyl Fences

If any one of these outstanding two-color vinyl fences caught your eye, we’d love to build it for you. Whenever you work with Freedom Fence & Railing, the first step is always an at-home consultation with one of our experts. We will show you all of your options, take measurements of your yard, and get you a price to take care of anything.

Contact us to schedule with Freedom Fence & Railing today!

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