Rustic Fences: Explore Wood & Vinyl Options

Blog » Outdoor Style » Rustic Fences: Explore Wood & Vinyl Options

Rustic Fences: Explore Wood & Vinyl Options
Blog » Outdoor Style » Rustic Fences: Explore Wood & Vinyl Options

Rustic Fences: Explore Wood & Vinyl Options

If you’re a little bit country at heart, sometimes you want to show it off. If you want to bring a country look to your home (even if you live in suburbia), your new fence can play a big role in that. Rustic fences are a great choice to bring style, security, and even some privacy to your yard. At Freedom Fence & Railing, we’re a Pittsburgh, PA fence builder that offers a huge selection of fence styles and products!

There’s a common misconception that rustic fences will only be built of hardwood – but that isn’t the case as we have great vinyl options, too. Even in this niche, country-inspired design style, there is a surprisingly wide range of different looks and product lines with different practical advantages. While we also install a wide range of gorgeous contemporary fences, this style guide is all about rustic options. Keep reading to see our favorites – or reach out to our rustic fence company right now to get your free quote!

Rustic fence surrounding small backyard in PA


Rustic Split Rail Fence

Here’s an old-style wooden fence that still looks fantastic in the 21st century.  Once upon a time, a rustic split rail fence like this was the only option for early Americans’ fencing in their farms and homesteads. To make this fence practical for keeping dogs safely corralled, you can add a wire mesh to block off the big gaps between the rails. In addition to the very authentic look, another reason to love these rustic split fail fences is that they tend to be one of the most affordable fencing options on the market.

However, since many modern homeowners prefer the convenience and advantages of low-maintenance vinyl, that’s an option we offer in this unique style as well. Our vinyl split rail fences don’t have the exact rough-hewn look of the wooden rails, but they are in a rustic style – and they even come with a faux wood grain. The practical benefits of having a 50+ year lifespan and never needing repainted or stained make this the perfect fence for some.


Rustic Privacy Fences

While rustic split rail fences are inspired by pastures and other big open spaces with no one around, sometimes you need a little privacy from your fence. That’s where rustic privacy fences come in handy. Built from tall wooden privacy panels, these tall fences completely block the line-of-sight into your yard. While almost all wood species have some rustic looks, to enhance this sought-after style, consider red cedar. Not only does cedar bring a rich hue to your property’s rustic privacy fence, but it also brings a handful of helpful benefits like being naturally resistant to rot and wood-boring insects.

This fence type is among the most attractive and most efficient options for keeping a pool safe and secure. In order for a fence to satisfy PA pool fence laws, it needs to be a sufficient height and without gaps in construction. These fences are a stellar option to fulfill that requirement with an eye-catching style.

Tall cedar privacy fence blocking road noise


Rustic Picket Fences

While white picket fences might be the definition of clean, suburban style, these options are a little different. Rustic picket fences bring the farm style of stained wood to the pickets. The picket style is great for framing your yard – while not blocking out the view of your neighborhood or property. Plus, this is a strong option for keeping small- and medium-sized dogs in their own yards.

Just like with our rustic split rail fences, vinyl is an option here as well. Faux wood rustic picket fences come in a natural brown hue that evokes the feel of wood. Once again, this delivers the vinyl advantages of an extra long lifespan and never having to worry about serious maintenance needs. For busy homeowners, having a faux stained fence is better than having to re-stain a wooden fence every few years!


Get Your Quote from a Rustic Fence Company

Any of these fences will provide you practical solutions wrapped in a country style. If you’re interested in taking the next steps towards bringing one to your home, we’d love to work with you. The first step is to have a consultation with the experts at our rustic fence company. Not only will we help you finalize your design and pick your exact fence, but we’ll get you the price to take care of everything!

Contact us today to start the conversation!

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