Outdoor Deck Railing Ideas Based on Your Design Style

Blog » Outdoor Style » Outdoor Deck Railing Ideas Based on Your Design Style

Outdoor Deck Railing Ideas Based on Your Design Style
Blog » Outdoor Style » Outdoor Deck Railing Ideas Based on Your Design Style

Outdoor Deck Railing Ideas Based on Your Design Style

Does your deck showcase your personal style or squash it?

Far too often, deck railing is overlooked as merely a safety requirement and not a design enhancement!

No matter the occasion for this alfresco facelift, we’re glad you’re here discovering outdoor deck railing ideas to inspire your design. In today’s blog we’ll highlight some simple deck railing designs to help you obtain an outdoor space as trendy as your indoor one!

Check out these rustic, farmhouse and modern deck railing ideas – then contact Freedom Fence and Railing for your free in-home estimate!

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Simple Deck Railing Designs You Can Bring Home Today

If you’re looking for outdoor deck railing ideas, there are a few different design styles you can choose from. Today, we’re highlighting the three most popular in 2022: modern, rustic, and farmhouse!

No matter what your personal aesthetic is, there are plenty of simple deck railing design ideas to bring safety, style and seclusion to your outdoor space.

At Freedom Fence and Railing, we’re a family-owned fence and railing installation company from Pittsburg, PA. We bring decades of experience to outdoor privacy projects for both residencies and commercial properties. When you find an outdoor deck railing idea that you love, contact our team for a top-quality installation!


Modern Deck Railing Ideas

Mastering the modern style is easy when you have the proper guidance and the right materials. When it comes to outdoor design, the best modern deck railing ideas are ones that encompass all the elements of present-day design like clean lines, monochromatic color palates, natural materials, and simple forms.

With this in mind, keep an eye out for materials like glass or aluminum when looking for modern deck railing idea inspiration. To achieve a frill-free outdoor aesthetic, we recommend railings with glass panels or straight aluminum posts. If you like the look of glass railing, but don’t want its maintenance requirements, try opting for aluminum and cable railings instead!

Get more inspiration for modern outdoor railings here.

Modern Style Overview:

  • Color: Crisp white or transparent glass
  • Post Style: Horizontal or panels
  • Railing Material: Aluminum, glass or cable
  • Aesthetic: Clean lines, simple design & natural materials

See a modern deck railing idea you like? Get a FREE quote now!


Rustic Deck Railing Ideas

You don’t have to live in the sticks to be drawn to this gorgeous rustic style! Many homeowners in Pennsylvania and Ohio are jumping on board the cozy country vibe as it’s becoming one of the top trending design styles around. But how do you accomplish this unique look outdoors? Here’s our best rustic deck railing ideas…

Our favorite deck railing idea is using warm-toned aluminum fence colors to create an earthy feel. Some of the best rustic aluminum railing colors from FFR are Ninety Bronze, Speckled Walnut and Brown Fine Texture.

Because this style is all about natural elements, accentuating your deck with authentic stone pillars like in the photo below is another unique way to accomplish this look. No matter the color, texture or height of your final decision, you can’t go wrong with rustic deck railing ideas like these!

Rustic Style Overview:

  • Color: Muted colors, natural tones like tans or browns
  • Post Style: Thick, vertical
  • Railing Material: Aluminum
  • Aesthetic: Rugged lines, warm and inviting style, materials like copper or iron

See a rustic deck railing idea you like? Get a FREE quote now!


Farmhouse Deck Railing Ideas

When it comes to simple deck railing designs, there are few styles more classic and timeless than the farmhouse look. Whether you’re aiming for a traditional vibe or a more refined take on country living, these farmhouse deck railing ideas will help you get the look you love.

For a truly authentic farmhouse feel, consider using beige or pure white for your deck railing. A few of our favorite vinyl farmhouse deck railing colors include Almond, Khaki and White. To give your area more of a modern farmhouse feel, we recommend a solid black aluminum fence instead!

While choosing the right color is good, choosing the right post style is essential to nailing the farmhouse look! For this reason, we love the decorative options vinyl railing allows for. If you’re looking for farmhouse deck railing ideas that are affordable and low-maintenance, vinyl is definitely the way to go!

Farmhouse Style Overview:

  • Color: Can be warm or cool colors like white, tan or black
  • Post Style: Decorative, ornate
  • Railing Material: Vinyl or aluminum
  • Aesthetic: Traditional, welcoming, and classic

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Bring Your Simple Deck Railing Designs to Life with FFR!

Deck railing designs come in all shapes and sizes and can be made out of many different materials.

At Freedom Fence and Railing, we believe that your deck should be an extension of your home – a place where you can relax, entertain, and enjoy the outdoors! That’s why we offer a wide range of simple deck railing designs to suit any taste.

No matter if you’re searching for modern, farmhouse or rustic deck railing ideas, we’re confident you’ll find it here! We offer a variety of deck railing designs in beautiful vinyl and aluminum. Plus, you can get a free estimate on any deck railing design idea you’ve seen here today by simply calling or contacting our company!

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