Must-See Inground Pool Fence Ideas

Blog » Outdoor Style » Must-See Inground Pool Fence Ideas

Must-See Inground Pool Fence Ideas
Blog » Outdoor Style » Must-See Inground Pool Fence Ideas

Must-See Inground Pool Fence Ideas

When completing your new pool with a fence, you have so many more options than ever before. Not only is having a pool fence a legal requirement in PA, but the right fence can accentuate the look of your pool like few other things can. Explore the inground pool fence ideas that deliver a distinctly upscale look to your brand new backyard oasis!

At Freedom Fence, we’re the local Pittsburgh fence installer that does it all. We build a wide variety of pool fences including classic vinyl fencing and trending aluminum options. Our team can help you find what will work best for your brand new inground pool! Call us today with any questions – and request your FREE estimate!


Pool Fencing Styles for a Luxury Look

An inground pool is sure to be the focal point of your backyard – it’s only natural that you want a fence that enhances the over feel of the space. Here are our standout choices that provide the much-needed protection for your pool AND look great in your yard:


White Vinyl Fence  

White picket vinyl pool fence idea for inground pool


Elegant simplicity in a reliable package! This simple white vinyl fence keeps the pool secured while contributing to the overall feel of your project. In addition, the space between the spindles keeps the beautiful view of the yard entirely open. Simply put: here’s an inground pool fence idea that everyone will like!


Speckled Walnut Aluminum Fence  

Inground pool fence that is brown aluminum


This fence brings a rich color to the space that matches much of the other features. While aluminum fences are often seen in black and metallic colors, the speckled walnut shade of brown is a great complement to both the deck boards and the deck railings above. Not only is the color interesting, but the sleek and slim metal fence is a great option for bringing a contemporary look to this ambitious space.

See more exciting aluminum fence colors.


Tan Privacy Fence  

Tan pool fence style for maximum privacy


While the previous two pool fencing styles have kept the view to the outside intact, that isn’t always the goal. Depending on your property or your neighbors, a full privacy fence may be a necessity to truly unwind in your outdoor oasis. This tan privacy fence exceeds at creating seclusion and, thanks to its color, at making an interesting aesthetic contribution to the outdoor space. Lastly, the rounded top on the fence creates an interesting visual profile.


Black Aluminum Fence  

Inground pool fence idea for aluminum material


This inground pool has it all! Rich-colored concrete, lighting, beautiful landscaping, and rock features – it’s all here. Since the rest of the space was so loaded with showstopping touches, a more low-key pool fencing style was needed. The black aluminum fence is guaranteed to deliver decades of safety in an attractive yet understated design. Truly, black aluminum is the inground pool fence idea for an elaborate space such as this.


Combine It with a Railing Refresh

Oftentimes getting a new pool can be the catalyst that kicks off a complete backyard makeover. So, if your deck is getting a facelift at the same time, we can match your new deck railing to your fence. Our vinyl and aluminum railings offer the same elegant styles and maintenance-free advantages that you’d expect from these top-tier products.

As is the case with the pool fences we’ve featured above, you never need to worry about painting, staining, or in any way maintaining your new railing system.

Black aluminum pool fencing style for PA


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Get Quotes on Inground Pool Fences

Any of these smart and stylish inground pool fence ideas catch your eye? We’d love to install one just like it for you! Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pool fencing styles that you can choose from.

Either way, the first step is an at-home consultation with our fence experts. We’ll help you find the right fence for your pool, take measurements, and get you a quote to take care of everything. Reach out right here to request your consultation!


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