Aluminum Fence Styles for 2020

Blog » Outdoor Style » Aluminum Fence Styles for 2020

Aluminum Fence Styles for 2020
Blog » Outdoor Style » Aluminum Fence Styles for 2020

Aluminum Fence Styles for 2020

Ultra-strong, maintenance-free, and stylish — aluminum fences are one of the in-demand luxury fence types on the market today. So let’s talk about style. Aluminum fence styles are more varied than most homeowners know — until they start shopping for their own fence that is.

At Freedom Fence & Railing, we’re a luxury fence company in Pittsburg PA who installs a wide range of different aluminum fence options. In today’s blog, we’re breaking down the aluminum fence options that are going to be the most popular in 2020 and beyond. Keep reading to explore the possibilities — or reach out today to request an in-home consultation and quote.


Most Popular Aluminum Fence Options

If you opt for a traditional aluminum fence, the style will primarily be determined by the look of the top rail. These aluminum fence options are what makes a fence look more ornate and classic versus more clean and modern. Here are our picks for the most popular aluminum fence options for that top rail:


Full Flat Top Rail

Residential flat top aluminum fence in charcoal

This type of fence features a flat rail across the top for a clean, smooth, no-frills style. This is one of the most popular aluminum fence options that we install — and it isn’t hard to see why. It’s one of the most standard and classic aluminum fence options, especially in the Pittsburgh area!


Spears with No Top Rail

Aluminum fence with spears on top

If your home is your castle, then this may be the aluminum fence style for you. This option allows the finials — or spear heads — to be fully exposed. Generally, this look goes well with a more ornamental home aesthetic. Traditional and protective are some of the best words to describe this fence style!

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Flat Top with Speaks

Aluminum pool fence at residency

A combination of the previous two fence types, this fence style does show the ornamental looking exposed spears but also includes a flat top rail. This can go with almost any type of exterior décor you can imagine.


Aluminum Privacy Fence

Privacy fence with vinyl and aluminum

All three of the other aluminum fence types are open and won’t work well to block out that nosy neighbor. On the other hand, this aluminum privacy fence utilizes a slim aluminum frame around a vinyl privacy panel, to provide sleek aluminum style paired with total yard privacy. Not only is this fence practical, but the two-tone color option can make it a great inclusion in your home curb appeal.

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The Practical Aluminum Advantages

Aluminum fencing isn’t just earning its place as one of the top selling fence types in America based on good looks alone – there are numerous practical advantages that make aluminum the easiest fence to own.

First of all, aluminum fencing will NEVER rot or rust and NEVER needs to be painted or stained. Plus, since the colors tend to be darker, you won’t have to wash or clean your fence very often either. Finally, because aluminum fences are built so strong and are so resistant to the elements, they can easily last for 50+ years, meaning you’ll never need to buy another fence.  In fact, now that there are great aluminum privacy options, there’s really nothing this type of fence can’t do.

But enough about the fence, let’s talk about you! We know the following statements to be true based on our current customer’s satisfaction:

  • Saves you time, you’ll never have to clean moss or mildew!
  • Saves you money, you won’t have to replace it for up to 50 years!
  • Saves you stress, you and your family are safe within its barriers!

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See Our Aluminum Fence Styles in Person

Aluminum railing and fence in backyard

Feeling inspired to pick your perfect fence? This is just the first step. If you’re ready to get started, we encourage you to reach out and schedule an in-home consultation with one of our exterior designers. Not only can we give you the quote to install your brand-new fence, but we’ll be able to show you samples of all of the leading aluminum fence styles.

Contact us today to start the conversation with Freedom Fence and Railing.

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