Affordable Fence Ideas You Can Count On

Blog » Outdoor Style » Affordable Fence Ideas You Can Count On

Affordable Fence Ideas You Can Count On
Blog » Outdoor Style » Affordable Fence Ideas You Can Count On

Affordable Fence Ideas You Can Count On

Investing in a high-quality fence is like scoring the best 4-for-1 deal of your life. Not only do you get security for your yard, but you also get privacy, style, AND a boost in your home’s re-sale value all in one easy installation! However, for people who are interested in their bottom line, we’re also showcasing some great, affordable fence ideas.

At Freedom Fence & Railing, we install a wide variety of fence types that will make you fall in love with your yard again. In today’s blog, we’ll be showcasing affordable fence ideas that come at a great upfront price as well as best value fence options with a lifespan that lasts more than 50 years. Not only will we show you great examples of our deluxe and inexpensive fencing options, but we’re breaking down why the cheapest upfront cost might not be the best bet for every homeowner.

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inexpensive fence option in white


Good & Inexpensive Fencing Options

Now that it’s 2020, affordable fence ideas aren’t hard to come by. So if you’ve been failing to find an inexpensive fencing option, you may not have been looking in the right place.

If you’re in the market to move soon or you’re simply working with a restricted budget, these are the two types of fences you’ll want to pay attention to. Both the wooden split rail fence and the wood privacy fence last comfortably around 10-to-15 years.

Split Rail Fences — A popular option for high acreage properties or homeowners with small animals, split rail fences with a wire mesh underlay are some of the most versatile, inexpensive fencing options. While their simple design is easy to repair, the wire meshing does a fantastic job at keeping small pets inside the perimeter of your home. If you don’t mind a more rustic, farmhouse feel to your yard, this is a great option for you! However, this fence offers little in the way of privacy.

Split rail fence in backyards


Wood Privacy Fence – This affordable fence idea just so happens to also be an American classic. The wood privacy fence is a staple of comfortable living. Unlike a split rail fence, this inexpensive fencing option tends to be a more vertical build, creating a more secure and extensively more private means of protection. We recommend a wood privacy fence for families with children or homes along a busy street.

Wood privacy fence in


While we absolutely endorse both of these affordable fence ideas, please keep in mind the maintenance, lifespan, and durability of wood as a fence material. Although these options may be less expensive upfront, be prepared to perform semi-regular re-painting and re-staining to keep your fence looking great and mold-free!


Best Value Fencing Options

For homeowners who want to keep costs and maintenance requirements down but also want to keep design factors high, the next affordable fence ideas are for you! Each of the options below are a cut above the rest – plus, they come with a 50+ year lifetime warranty!

Vinyl Fencing – It doesn’t get much better than timeless vinyl fencing. While you may think of vinyl as purely a white fence option, we also offer vinyl in tan, clay, and gray! Annual cleaning is recommended to keep this inexpensive fencing option looking its best and lasting its longest – which is much less labor-intensive than its wood counterpart!

Inexpensive fencing option installed in backyard


Aluminum Fencing – Similar to vinyl, high-quality aluminum fences also come in a variety of stunning colors such as black, white, bronze, sandstone, and more.

Aluminum pool fence in backyard


Aluminum-Vinyl Hybrid Fences – Combining luxurious aluminum with practical vinyl materials makes for one of our absolute favorite affordable fence ideas! This designer fence lets you have a true aluminum privacy option.

luxury backyard fence with hammock


While all three of these fences come at a higher initial price point than the wooden options, they easily last five times longer. This means that over the course of owning these fences, you’ll get much better value by not having to ever replace them. So, if you’re settled in your dream home, one of these three is probably your best bet.

Want to see more affordable fence ideas for your front or backyard? Freedom Fence & Railing proudly installs a plethora of inexpensive fencing materials – all year round.


From Affordable Fence Ideas to Affordable Fence Reality

We know how it goes – sometimes you shop for expensive quality, and sometimes you shop for the cheapest options. At Freedom Fence, we don’t think you should have to view those qualities as separate searches – we believe every homeowner should have access to inexpensive fencing options that are also high-quality!

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