3 Modern Fence Styles You’ll Fall in Love With

Blog » Outdoor Style » 3 Modern Fence Styles You’ll Fall in Love With

3 Modern Fence Styles You’ll Fall in Love With
Blog » Outdoor Style » 3 Modern Fence Styles You’ll Fall in Love With

3 Modern Fence Styles You’ll Fall in Love With

Once upon a time in the 1950s, the white picket was the most popular fence in America. Every house had one, and every home looked pretty much the same. Those days are long gone, and interesting fence designs are now a key part of crafting your home’s curb appeal. Today’s popular modern fence styles boast distinct luxury looks and enhance the unique aesthetic of your home.

At Freedom Fence & Railing, we install a wide range of fences throughout the Pittsburgh, PA area. In today’s blog, we’re highlighting the modern fence styles that homeowners love and how they can improve the look of your home. Keep reading to find your style – or reach out to one of our fence designers to discuss your options and to get pricing!

Modern privacy fence style


Most Popular Modern Fencing Designs

You have more choices for style, color, and material than ever before. Both vinyl and aluminum fences have earned their place as the leading materials for new fences – thanks to their sleek, upscale style as well as their practical benefits. These are the modern fencing designs that are earning style headlines:


Clean Aluminum
  1. The most popular aluminum fence style features distinct lines that are the epitome of the trending modern outdoor style. This clean style comes from the single top rail, a mid rail four inches below that, and a flat bottom rail. Black is by far the most popular color for modern fencing designs in aluminum, but textured bronze is gaining traction as the second favorite. Another well-loved decorative flourish includes having pressed spears between the mid rail and top rail, for a little extra style. See more beautiful aluminum fence colors.
curved modern fence styles


Vinyl Privacy
  1. An elegantly simple style with the privacy to make your yard feel like an oasis. Vinyl privacy has emerged as an in-demand modern fencing design for two main reasons. Firstly, the look of a vinyl fence matches well with the vinyl siding – secondly, new houses are often built close together, making privacy more important than ever. Having a colored panel in the white vinyl frame leads to one of the most interesting modern fence styles. Both tan and grey are fantastic color accents that can be used to match the vinyl color of your home. Finally, adding an open spindle top to your vinyl privacy fence also makes your fence standout.
Privacy vinyl fence in Pittsburg pa


Vinyl/Aluminum Combination Fence
  1. An ultra-modern fencing design, these designer fences pair an ultra-slim aluminum frame with a vinyl privacy panel. For some, this fence offers the best of both worlds and a truly modern fencing design. Once again, this type of fence also provides a unique color combination to enhance your curb appeal. For any pool owners, this fence type makes for a fantastic choice for your new pool! See more pool fence designs right here!
luxury backyard fence with hammock


Practical Benefits of Aluminum and Vinyl

Aluminum and vinyl aren’t just the most sought-after fence materials because of their looks alone. Both of these luxury materials are practical, having extremely long lifespans wile requiring very little maintenance from you.

While traditional wooden fences must be re-painted or re-stained fairly often to prevent rot and mold, neither of these modern materials will ever need that. To keep your vinyl looking its best, all you’ll need to do is hose it down to wash away any dirt that may have accumulated. However, dark colored aluminum won’t show dirt and won’t even need any spring cleaning at all!

That’s not the only way vinyl and aluminum are easy fences to own. Even with a perfect record of re-painting it every year, a wooden fence will only last about 15 years. After that, it’ll need to be replaced. Both vinyl and aluminum fences can easily last more than 50 years due to these materials which are impervious to the elements!

Black aluminum fence and railing

Get Quotes on these Modern Fence Styles

The right new fence makes your yard safer, while making your home more beautiful. If you’re ready to take the next step, we’re here to help. If you’d like to discuss these modern fence styles and the cost to bring them home, let’s have a conversation. Our fence designers will work with you to match the perfect modern fencing design to your home while respecting your budget.

Reach out today to start the conversation and to get prices!

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