Smart & Stunning 2021 Fence Trends

Blog » Outdoor Style » Smart & Stunning 2021 Fence Trends

Smart & Stunning 2021 Fence Trends
Blog » Outdoor Style » Smart & Stunning 2021 Fence Trends

Smart & Stunning 2021 Fence Trends

As home styles evolve and outdoor living becomes more popular than ever, the trending fence styles change as well. The top 2021 fence trends include a mix of striking aesthetic touches alongside practical choices. We’re highlighting the 5 most in-demand styles – and showcasing fences you’ll want in your own backyard!

At Freedom Fence & Railing, we’re a Pittsburgh, PA fence company that pairs upscale style with real world strength and dependability in everything we install. Explore the 2021 fence trends that you can count on seeing everywhere this year!

5 Popular Fence Styles to Bring Home

You may have already started to see these trends boom in popularity, but 2021 is the year that they take center stage. While all 5 of these ideas aren’t necessarily right for every home and homeowner, we’re confident that one of these popular fence styles will spark your imagination.


Privacy Fences

Trendy white privacy fence in backyard PA

While privacy fences have always been a common choice for homes with pools, expect them to be the leading fence type this year. As more people started spending time outside, they realized just how much they needed a tall fence to preserve the seclusion of their backyard. You can find beautiful privacy in both vinyl and wooden options.



Trendy two toned vinyl fence in brown

This year, when it comes to vinyl fence colors, expect to admire fences that opt for more than one. The two-tone style can be a design centerpiece, especially for a very large backyard fence that dominates the landscape. In addition, matching the two-tone fence style to your home siding or your shed provides another way to create a dynamic backyard aesthetic. The most popular fence styles in two-tone colors are white and tan vinyl, as well as a black aluminum frame with a brown vinyl privacy panel.

Explore more unique fences – including two tone fences!


No Visible Screws on Aluminum Fences

Popular aluminum fence in Pitt PA

Clean and modern aluminum fences are some of the most in-demand non-privacy fences on the market. Homeowners absolutely love the sleek looks and the no-maintenance advantages of an elite quality aluminum fence. However, the style of aluminum fencing that homeowners prefer is one that hides ALL external screws. Not only does hiding the screws maintain the ultra-clean look, but it also ensures the fence lasts 50+ years since any exposed screws are a weak point for rust. This has been the only type of aluminum fence that we have ever offered, and we’re glad to see this become a fence trend this year.


Matching Fence to Railing

Aluminum fence and matching railing on home

If you’re updating your porch or deck at the same time as your fencing, you have a unique opportunity. Matching the style and color of your vinyl or aluminum fence with your new modern railing can make your entire yard feel unified with the shared color scheme. Plus, our aluminum and vinyl railings share all of the low-maintenance traits as the most popular fence styles.


Driveway Gates

Trending driveway estate gate

This upscale upgrade takes your curb appeal to the next level – and is becoming an increasingly widespread choice. When installing a new fence, some homeowners choose to add a matching driveway gate at the same time. This add-on provides an additional layer of home security and makes a dramatic style statement.


Low-Maintenance Fences in High-Demand

While we didn’t include it in our list of 2021 fence trends, low-maintenance and no-maintenance fences are very popular as well. While classic wooden fences require re-painting or re-staining to prevent rot, aluminum and vinyl fences will never need anything close to that. In fact, these convenient low-maintenance fences also boast the longest lifespans, easily lasting 50 years!


Bring these Fence Trends Home

Ready for an on-trend fence that enhances your yard? We’d love to work with you! If you see the fence style and color combo that matches your exterior décor, let us know, and we’ll get you a quote to install it. However, if you want to see more options, work with our designers to find the perfect style.

Reach out today to discuss fence designs or get quotes!

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