Handrail Ideas for Decks, Porches, & Stairs

Blog » Maintenance » Handrail Ideas for Decks, Porches, & Stairs

Handrail Ideas for Decks, Porches, & Stairs
Blog » Maintenance » Handrail Ideas for Decks, Porches, & Stairs

Handrail Ideas for Decks, Porches, & Stairs

When making upgrades around your home, you’re looking for opportunities to make the space more beautiful, more useful, or both. Upgrading outdated handrails checks off both these boxes, as a faded, mold-speckled railing is both an eyesore and a safety hazard. We’re showcasing handrail ideas that serve as an upgrade to the most common railing problems we see!

At Freedom Fence & Railing, we’re a Pittsburgh fence and railing company that installs year-round. Keep reading to see our recommendations for upgrading stair railings, porch railings, and deck railings with deluxe maintenance-free materials. Check out our handrail ideas and upgrade opportunities – or reach out to our team to schedule a consult and get a quote!

New vinyl porch railing on craftsman home


Upgrading Stair Railings & Much More

You can often see and feel when your railings are on their last legs. For wooden railings, you’re looking for missing paint, cracking, signs of rot, and the general feeling of weakness. For old wrought iron railings, the tell-tale signs of rust are enough to let you know that you’re due for an upgrade. Good news: all our options for upgrading stair railings, porch railings, and deck railings will be ultra-low maintenance and will last 50+ years!


Deck Railing

What May Be There Now: Wooden Railing

Our Upgraded Handrail Idea: Cable Railing or Vinyl Railing

Before and after deck railing style transfomation


You’re trying to host guests on your deck, but you can’t help but be distracted by that discolored, possibly moldy wooden handrail. There’s no question that this is an unfortunate hallmark of so many older decks – in fact, it’s common to see the railings age way before the deck boards themselves do. An ultra-minimal cable railing is one of the best choices for a deck that has a beautiful view. The cable construction ensures the safety of the space while keeping your view unobstructed. For other spaces, though, the more robust look of a vinyl handrail design is the perfect way to emulate yet improve on the wooden railing that was there before.


Outdoor Staircase Handrail

What May Be There Now: Steel or Iron Railing

Our Upgraded Handrail Idea: Aluminum Railing

Before and after aluminum porch railing transformation

A sturdy metal railing is a great addition to a set of stairs – no matter how tall. However, you just want to make sure you’re using the right metal. While both steel and wrought iron railings look like aluminum from a distance, there’s a big difference: rust. Elite powder-coated aluminum railings are built to last a lifetime without rusting or needing any maintenance at all. Plus, aluminum railings come in an eye-popping range of colors, like bronze, white, speckled walnut, and so much more! So, not only are aluminum rails the most practical choice, but they also give you the most ways to match the front of your home. Bottom line: if you’re interested in upgrading stair railings, this is your best choice.


Front Porch Railings

What May Be There Now: Wooden Railing

Our Upgraded Handrail Idea: Vinyl or Aluminum Railing

Before and after modern deck railing

If your home has a porch front and center, it makes it a hard-to-miss style statement. However, if there are also rows of rotting and worn-out railings there, too, the statement it makes is, “I couldn’t care less.” Just like with a deck, upgrading a porch railing enhances the look while making the space safer. A vinyl railing is a natural choice as it closely matches the thickness of the wooden railing it is replacing. Plus, vinyl handrail designs also come with custom options to allow for a more formal feel, should it match your porch style. Of course, vinyl isn’t the only option. Like upgrading a stair railing, an aluminum railing can be a strong choice as well, bringing the sleek look of aluminum to the front of your home. This modern style of railing can fit very well with more contemporary spaces.


Upgrade Your Fence at the Same Time

Wood and iron railing matching wood fence

While upgrading stair railings, porch railings, and deck railings are great upgrades to do on their own, pairing one or more of them with a fence upgrade can be a savvy decision. Both our vinyl and aluminum handrails have complementary vinyl and aluminum fence partners that you can consider. By juxtaposing your prominent railings to your yard fence, you create a fully unified look that encompasses a far larger portion of your home. From a practical standpoint, you save time and convenience by booking both projects at the same time!


Bring These Handrail Design Ideas to Life

While these handrail ideas are a great way to bring a contemporary feel and real safety to your spaces, this is only the beginning. The first step of working with Freedom Fence & Railing is a design consultation for you and our experts to brainstorm the perfect look and products for all of your spaces. If you’re ready to get started, our team is standing by, so reach out right now!

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